The Burning Post II, still Hot

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As an avid MUDder, I've spent a lot of time trying out different MUDs, MUSHes, RPI's, etc. I've been playing for roughly fifteen years now on my home MUD, and as staff changes and policy have changed it beyond my liking, I've recently started looking for a new home. That was how I found Burning Post II.

I took a look at some of the features and saw a few that will always draw me to investigate: Classless and Level-less system, Enforced Role-play, and of course, Fully Operational. Now for those of you who desire a place with a vivid setting and a concrete setting that allows you to create realistic characters and play their real-life struggles, weaving a story out of your own imagination and the plot-lines provided by other, these are likely the three features you'll be searching for.

One of the drawbacks of playing off-peak, (as I'm often logging in during the wee hours of morning), is a lack of players around to role-play with, and a lack of staff to help change/fix my character to specifications. For instance, if your char idea requires a specific item (an old lute, a strange relic, a dashing hood), you may be out of luck until you can track down someone who is on staff to make it for you. Then, once you do log on at 3 am wherever you are, you can't find anyone around and the world is basically dead.

On Burning Post, I was very surprised to find that I could restring my char's items, allowing me to prepare for that fully engaging story-line I'd been crafting in my head during the whole character creation process. No insomniac staff members needed. And once I had created my character, I didn't have to wander around aimlessly for hours, thanks to the 'who' and 'where' command, each separately letting you know the world is alive and populated, and where exactly you might find some fun people to engage with. 

Even after the 'ooh - aahh' of a new game experience, learning about the background, groups/guilds you can join, and nifty skills you can acquire, I still enjoy the game because there is plenty to do when no one is around, I get rewarded for playing my char both with experience and QP (quest points, points earned for role-play, and a variety of other factors, given out by staff AND players), and I have a very realistic chance of actually changing the game world and adding to the history books. There's a wide variety of concepts, regions, trades, and more that await once my char inevitably bites the dust, so I doubt I'll be getting bored soon.

This game still has places for almost anyone to fit into, and I'd love to see you on there, adding to the 'who' list of consistent, awesome characters already on.

SlothMud, the Best in Cooperative Gameplay

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As online communities go, you can't beat SlothMud for cooperative gameplay. This is as much due to the structure of the game as it does the fact that it is a close-knit community that's been playing together for over twenty years. The long continuity of the game can be attributed to good leadership and a complexity and depth to the game that allows one to play a single character for many years without ever bumping against an upper limit of achievable goals.