Burning Post 2, Great game in need of more roleplayers

Written by Myrella. Posted in Player Reviews

Rating: 4.50/5 (2 Votes)

I want to tell you about my favorite game, which just so happens to be a MUD. I started playing when my DND GM moved away and I needed to find some new good roleplay. I tried a few MUDs over the course of a week but settled into this one and have never looked back.

Burning Post II is a stellar game for those that want to thoroughly immerse themselves in another realm. Everything about the game is tailored specifically towards the role play experience. Combat is done through an emote system with special keywords that describe the attacks and movements. Skills in performance arts like singing, and various instruments, from the lute to the bagpipes, can be exhibited to show how talented you are during performances. Healing others requires roleplay to complete, which leads to more interesting scenes. (I've seen prosthetic limbs forged and attached, babys birthed, and hideous combat wounds stitched up.) Teaching skills is.. As you guessed it, also done through roleplay. In fact, roleplay is the only way to gain XP, and we wouldn't have it any other way

Then there's the magic system. Something completely different from what I've seen in any other sort of game: PC RPGs, tabletop and mud alike. Magic recently got an overhaul too! Mages have tons of toys to play with now, but.. Be wary. If you get caught or even suspected of practicing the dark arts, it's a fast track to the burning post. There are priests and knights hunting down those heretics. And a pissed of commoner could easily spread disinformation about an innocent man, sending them towards that same horrible fate. The good news is, dying by fire cleanses your sins away, so you get to live in Paradise. Isn't that nice? You'll also keep a portion of your XP over for your next character, because death, just as it is on Urth, is permanent in this game.

Urth is a big place, but the game is set on a small island at the intersection of a few important Duchies. It's a melting pot where people of many different races can be found. The superior Lithmorrans, the persecuted and treacherous Vavvers, the mercantile Vandagans, The teatotalling Farins, the wild Charali, the primitive Hillmen, and the enslaved Daravi. Picking a race doesn't pigeonhole you into any particular job or skillset.. Well except the Daravi, and most Hillmen who are enslaved. You certainly free to break the stereotypes of your race, but don't expect that to change the minds of those around you, and certainly not those in power.

Speaking of power, guilds are all player run. The lawkeeping Reeves, the entertaining Troubadour gossips, the Studious but shady Chimerists, the virtuous Knights, The savvy Merchants, and the Holy Order of Dav. Not to mention the more illicit guilds, the thieving Brotherhood and the dangerous Knights Errant. The guild leaders of the Reeves, the Order, and the local noble Baronet or Baronetess rule the island as a Triumvirate. New players can enter the game in one of these guilds via application, or just find their way amongst their ranks through roleplay. If you don't want to have anything to do with these guilds, that's certainly an option too. Immortals are more than happy to make arrangements for jobs that don't fit those molds, or you can even try to live jobless by pennypinching, and surviving on the food you can forage or cook up yourself.

Player Housing and crafting are great features that the Burning Post II has as well. Become a wealthy smith by forging the best weapons in the lands for those that needed them (I did that for a long while until that character made an untimely end), Woodwork bows, arrows, furniture, dice, instruments and more. Skin and tan leather and work it into armor. Master weaving on a loom to make clothes for the needy, or flashy silk garments for the gentry and nobles. Make jewelry for the rich, or for young couples' weddings. Homes are possible too, but certainly pricey so save up! Maybe running a shop or restaurant will help you accumulate that precious coin faster. Or steal it, that's probably easiest, so long as you don't get caught!

Come visit us on New Yarsith. Don't forget to carry extra oil for your lantern, tell your sins to a Confessor, tithe to the church, pay your taxes, make the sign of the chalice often, keep a hand on your coinpurse and an eye open for heretics. And demons.. Sometimes there are demons.