Adventures Unlimted

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Adventures Unlimted

Adventures Unlimited began over 8 years ago as a modest stock rom mud with not much more to offer than any of the thousands of other stock MUDs. Over the years, the game has grown into a multi-faceted community with a detailed world, consistent roleplay and many features.

We pride ourselves in bringing a game with integrity, stamina and honesty to our players. Our channels are free of cursing and the environment is friendly. Our players are helpful and enjoy aiding new players. Our immortal staff is talented, experienced and dedicated. Many of the staff have been part of AU for over 5 years.

Adventures Unlimited is not a cookie cutter MUD game. The development has been focused not on what other games provide to their players but instead on the path that AU occupies alone.

The land of Tharel has been developed continuously throughout the years of the existing of AU. It has gone from a completely stock world with no original areas to 75% original with over 14,000 rooms.

AU continues to develop and evolve. Our website contains logs of all of our changes made from 2001 to the present day. The vast amount of work shows our long term dedication to the game and the player base. We have high player satisfaction and provide a quality and fun product to our players.

Come and join our community! Experience the land of Tharel!

Age of Dragons

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Age of Dragons


Age of Dragons is being newly developed using the CoffeeMUD MUD engine. The original game is still online, however most development is being put into the reboot using CoffeeMUD. The game is set after the end of the War of the Lance, during what is commonly termed 'the 4th age'. The Knights of Solamnia and Forces of Whitestone defeated the Dragonarmies of Takhisis with the instrumental assistance of the heroes of the lance. Things are far from peaceful, but the grip of fear throughout Ansalon has ended for most. In this new era, adventurers are aplenty. The dangers of the land differ from locale to locale, and skirmishes most often occur between small groups as opposed to large armies. The potential for wealth and fame is abound for adventurers in this era. At the same time, while routed, the dragonarmies are not destroyed. In addition, new and dark forces are arising, and the Knights of Solamnia and the Forces of Whitestone cannot sit on their heels and wait. They continue to remain active and recruiting; as do their adversaries, known and otherwise. Our game is currently in a state of heavy development, and is not yet ready for general play. We do however appreciate anyone who would like to help test things out, as well as those who wish to help with the building and quest making efforts. You can find our website at and connect at port 4444. If you're a fan of the old classic CircleMUD Age of Dragons, it can be found at and at port 4000.

Age of Illusion

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Age of Illusion

Set in the time before The Dragon Reborn has revealed himself, Age of Illusion offers players a place to enjoy themselves. Nobility across the world plays the game of houses. The Aes Sedai plot, the Wheel turns. Where are you?

We offer:

Guilds such as Darkfriend, Shadowspawn, White Tower, Borderguard, Black Tower (when RP opens it up).

Custom leveling: Channelers choose what they would like their powers to be. (Want to be a female channeler who has a bit of power in fire? Just add more power to your fire sphere). No two channelers are the same--power is randomly generated based on what you put in your spheres, the higher number you put in, the more powerful it will be.

Talents: We offer Cloud Dancing, Foretelling, Traveling, Dreaming, Wolfkin (Perrin, Elyas), Viewing (Think Min) Sniffing (Hurin) and many more.

Masteries: Blademaster, Speardancer, Axemaster and more all are available when you reach level 90. Once you reach 95 in the skill, you get your heron-marked blade. (Or equivalent for other weapons)

RP: We have a great RP system. Emote (normal) Smote (same as emote, but you don't have to start the emote with your name) and many more commands. If you have your RP flag on, you get autorewards for emotes in both questpoints and experience.

Special weaves and skills: Aes Sedai can Bond and make Warders, male and female channelers can link, and many, many more surprises...


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Akanbar is a role playing game that takes place in a land of medieval fantasy where dragons, ogres and magic exist. With three realms to live in, the Sun realm, the Shadow realm and the Demonic realm, you can play whatever role you wish, be it a stealthy Assassin or a dragon-riding Storm Warden. Each realm hosts a city and, within that city, many guilds to choose from. Should hunting or player-killing not attract you, there are countless other activities to do, ranging from completing quests to creating items.


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Animud is an anime themed roleplaying based world. We have a medium 
sized world of mostly original content. Most of our areas and world 
are based on various anime. We are always expanding it and looking for 
builders. We offer anime based races that are well themed for 
creating your dream character. Everything is balanced and we 
guarantee you will love our quest system. Animud offers an open 
clan (guild) system where players create their own clans, with 
extended ranks and clan hall options. Equipment is level restricted 
within 50 levels, keeping low level players from abusing high level 
equipment, while still providing freedom of eq choice. We are a 200 
level mud, our races are; Human, Elf, Dwarf, Saiyan, Third(android), 
Juraian, and Skeleton. We have the following classes: Mage, Cleric, 
Thief, Warrior and Vampire. 

New players are welcome and our help system is specifically designed 
to cater to the skill level of the player. We hope to see you on!

Arcane Nites

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Arcane Nites

unique (yoo-neek)
1. Being the only one of its kind.
2. Without an equal or equivalent; unparalleled.

History: We have always prided ourselves on being truly unique with our gaming experience and design. We also have the richest history and storyline of any mud that is out there. Our shortened roleplay history is 40 pages long, giving players the ability to truly see the timeline and progression of the game.

We have just finished a 1 year long rewrite of the code to create a truly unique gaming experience. Our two imps have a combined 29 years of mud design experience and can trace their mudding roots back to some of the original muds of the late 80s and early 90s. If that is not enough to convince you to check us out, just go through our character creation and you will be hooked by the flexibility and wide array of paths a character can go down.

We are currently rebuilding the player base now after 2 years of construction, so get in now and become part of the history and lore. We look forward to seeing you and are sure you will enjoy your time with us. After all, we are a mud built on the ideas of thousands of players over the past 8 years Well scrap this old history that was there for the past few years and that I kept for pure historic purpose. And forgive my poor English while attempting to make a new one.

This mud is old, really old and was very popular at a point, now old farts come and log have a chat and go elsewhere. We need fresh meat to beat (err help) We suffer the eternal hen and egg problem. Newbies usually find the mud nice, but not enough people on and leave just before a new one try...

The world is huge and enjoyable but what makes this game interesting is people interaction. All the basic facilities you can have are implemented, and if you want more, just ask. I tuned the game so if you choose to be pk, you don't actually need to level to compete. (hp/mana/moves bonus are given). And every items is lootable, NO exception. A fight can go from 1 rounds to 30, and all the rules are hard coded, so no whining. If you can do it it is legal. If you harass people, you better be really good as you will not find a place to rest. If you have any question, log, ask, or post a note, I will answer it. What's next ? Crafting is coming, 80% of the work done.


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What makes Blackfire unique?
  • All parts of Blackfire is connected to the wilderness, which is a 4 million room "area".
  • Personal Mounts - Its is possible to fly through the wilderness mounted on special beasts.
  • A roleplaying and mature audience.
  • The ablity to multiclass, thus gaining the advantages from your previous class over to the new one.
  • Player driven religious sects known as cabals.
  • Player storage area where one can store equipment for a rent and retrieve it later.
  • Non Player Character behavior, making the world seem more alive.
  • *Unqiue items, you may have to kill and loot other players to get them.
  • Player killing is not only legal, but also encouraged.
  • A tracksystem based on a mobiles ability to hunt and scent
  • Player formations, where up to nine players may form and cooperate to achive better results.
  • Free player renting - your equipment and belongings are saved.
  • Real estate, you may buy your own house.
  • Online Creation - become a builder and develop the world online..
  • Chaos Gates - Once you have ventured inside one of these, death may be the only way out. These gates may send you back in time, and to places where the laws of time and physics are twisted. You lose all communication with the outside world and there are NO RULES inside. This is the most dangerous areas in the game.
  • Player looting, when you kill an opponent inside a chaos gate or in a chaotic area you may loot some of his equpment.
  • *Romance module, where it is possible to date and marry..;)
  • Skinning, sometimes it is neccesary to skin a corpse to find the true valuables.
  • Equipment deteriaton, as your equipment gets older it loses some of it's magical energies.
  • *A magician's power depends on the lunar positions of the two moons.
  • *Many different quests with interesting prizes.
  • Many different original areas for the players to explore
Come Join us!

Carrion Fields

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Carrion Fields

We offer heart-pounding PK, deep role play and diverse interaction opportunities in a well-established classic fantasy MUD that is based on D&D rules.  We are also 100% free.

Carrion Fields has 16 well-defined and balanced classes, multiple races, and an enormous, original world.  Additionally we have a broad pantheon of immortal religions, constant game development and a friendly community.

If you enjoy a challenging and undiluted gaming experience full of hidden twists, RP immersion and fast paced combat, we are the game for you.


Dragonball Evolution

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Dragonball Evolution


DBE is one of the longest running DBZ MUDs online that continues to expand everyday. This MUD takes a mixture of roleplaying and PK to create an unique Dragonball experience. Each of the races will give you a different style of gameplay while RPing and PKing. Even though DBE is based on Dragonball, that does not mean other themes or influences won’t exist in the MUD. As the name of the MUD says, DBE is an evolution of the DBZ theme. If you’re looking for a different view on the anime, then you should give DBE a try.

DBE Includes:

* 17 races that make up 4 different race types(Attack, Defense,
Healer and All-Around)
* Each race has 2 classes(in BETA)
* Each race has 2 weapon type preferences
* Over 140 skills split between all the races
* Skills upgrade through transformations
* Multiple skills can be learned by being hit by them or using another skill enough
* Combat modes such as Focused Mind and High Tension
* Redone Upper/Lower Body Strength system with multiple ways to train
* Experience gained for almost every action in combat
* 17,000 rooms
* 7 planets, Majinia, Afterlife/Heaven and Hell
* Fully explorable Outer Space
* Space Ships or Pods are required to travel in Outer Space for races that cannot move freely in space
* 110+ quests to set out on
* Extensive End-game content and challenges
* Zones and Bosses that require groups with tanks and healers
* Boss MOBs reward extra PL and KI upon killing them
* Over 5,000 items can be bought, found or created
* 10 clans(4 active usually)
* 3 clan types that each offer perks
* Weekly events and Double Experience weekends
* Annual events like Winter's Chill, Zombie Outbreak and the World Martial Arts Tournament
* 24/7 PK and Non-PK Dragonball Hunts
* Wish for Immortality(remort)
* Food and water are actually useful by restoring pl, ki and fatigue
* Casual mode which gives you 10x PL/KI gains until the softcap of 5 million PL or KI
* 2 PK modes that offer multiple pros and cons
* In-depth PK that makes use of combos, different modes and ki attacks with unique perks
* Battle Token system that allows you to PK to earn equipment
* IC RP supported and rewarded
* Houses, custom items and pets can be earned
* Optional Newbie Academy with rewards when completed
* Extensive Help File system
* Multiple types of scouters and radars that show different
* OOC replaced with 20 Scouternet frequencies
* Powerlevel gains kept within range of the Frieza Saga
* Level based system with virtually no cap
* Slightly Screen-reader friendly
* Dedicated staff, most have been with DBE for years
* Freedom of Speech if not being malicious
* Newbie friendly environment(ask for Ozma if any help is needed)
* Stable server and no intentions of shutting down, DBE is here to

DBE is here to stay If any of that sounds appealing, stop by and join in the fun.

Hope to see you there,
Ozma and the Staff of DBE

Legends of the Jedi

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Legends of the Jedi

Legends of the Jedi is an RP enforced Star Wars mud based on a highly modified version of the SWR codebase. Lotj has been around since 1999 and has dominated as the #1 ranked Star Wars mud for at least the last several years. Lotj is the ultimate, text based, sand box style environment for Star Wars and Sci-Fi fans alike.

We support a wide variety of classes. Whether you want to be a cutthroat businessman who peddles stolen merchandise on the black market as a smuggler, or an upstanding engineer who enjoys crafting and experimenting with different components to make the best equipment and dominate the business arena.

Want to be a soldier or a bounty hunter? Both of these classes are supported in the game and provide a variety of skills for those who want to serve their government honorably or chase down anyone with a price on their head, with little care as to why. Maybe you just want to be someone's bodyguard or an enforcer for someone's nefarious crime clan. The choice is yours.

Pilots exist in a variety of functions. You can run cargo from planet to planet to turn a profit or lead an entire battle group of cruisers to wage war on an enemy clan. Some pilots even choose to be pirates and pry on weary travelers and cargo runners. Others might enjoy exploration and finding hidden sectors that contain mysterious planets or space stations that don't show up in the public database.

Slicing and Espionage, two different classes, are both well versed in information gathering and spying. Whether it's planting mics on other players, tapping comm terminals to listen in on comlink traffic, or simply planting cameras around a planet and watching who comes and goes.

All classes have a role and each race gets a different level bonus towards different classes, which creates a lot of diversity among characters for what skill combinations a particular character might have. 

Classes are fun, but player interaction is the real charm of Lotj. Socializing and role playing with other players is where the drama unfolds and is the life force that has kept the game thriving over the last 15 years. Every class benefits from knowing someone with a different skill set, which encourages interaction and teamwork. Soldiers need blasters and engineers need someone to protect them. Information is a currency of its own and spies have it in ample supply, which they can trade for credits or favors.

If you're feeling adventurous, check us out. We also have an ongoing community project for developing a customized version of MUSHclient for Legends of the Jedi that includes chat mini windows, a built in star map that shows planet locations, and a room mapper to make sure you always know where you are going!

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