God Wars II Review

Written by Lyanic. Posted in Player Reviews

Rating: 4.00/5 (4 Votes)
God Wars II is the premiere game for hardcore PvP enthusiasts. It also has one of the most deeply complex combat systems ever devised.

Much of the game plays very differently from traditional codebases that MU* veterans may be used to (Diku, LP, etc), thus amplifying the already steep learning curve. Players new to text based games who are patient and pay attention to tutorials, helps, and hints would likely have less trouble picking it up. Additionally, the game features six (unless Lich was ever finished...) very customizable fantasy classes. Each has a number of subclasses and players are able to respec their characters at any time. If you've ever wanted to be a Metallic Dragon, and destroy small villages while the villagers run around screaming, you should definitely check out God Wars II. Just pay attention during the game's introduction.