SlothMud, the Best in Cooperative Gameplay

Written by Dark Artist. Posted in Player Reviews

Rating: 4.73/5 (11 Votes)
As online communities go, you can't beat SlothMud for cooperative gameplay. This is as much due to the structure of the game as it does the fact that it is a close-knit community that's been playing together for over twenty years. The long continuity of the game can be attributed to good leadership and a complexity and depth to the game that allows one to play a single character for many years without ever bumping against an upper limit of achievable goals.

The core draw of the game is group gameplay in which every play can contribute their abilities. By such features as the group xp multiplier (more people = more total experience points) and random gemstone rewards, the games ensures that all players get welcomed into the groups. This feature has become a norm and players always feel welcome to join groups when they see them. The welcoming and relaxed atmosphere that results makes SlothMud the best Mud in this users opinion.

The game is exceedingly complex and the world is truly immense and unique among fantasy realms. The multiple, parallel systems of advancement gives the user a constant sense of achievement, even tho advancement within any single given category takes a lot of time. For example besides being 9 different classes the player can achieve levels in, they can also advance their rank within the Army, the Honor Point system. Besides being able to earn gold, and acquire equipment, they can earn Drachma, another currency earned thru questing which can be used to buy elite items. On top of that they can work on their score in the coliseum, a game within the game. So you're constantly improving bit by bit in different aspects without ever getting bored.

There is no enforced role playing in the game. It is enough that everyone is actively playing their part as warrior, cleric, mage, thief, bard, necromancer, monk, or druid. I find enforced role-playing to be very oppressive, the opposite of the Sloth way, which is all about being relaxed and having fun. Where there is competition in the game, it is non-zero sum competition, i.e. competing to be the best at any given aspect of the game, not at the expense of one another. When there is conflict or hurt feelings, it is usually resolved quickly without much negativity. The overall atmosphere is positive, relaxed, fun and completely addictive 99.9% of the time.

Keep in mind when you try SlothMud that it is meant to be enjoyed for years and you won't become an expert overnight. Don't give up if progress seems slow at first. Once you're joining the experience groups, it picks up dramatically.

Hope to see you there!