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Web Link MudBytes
A stellar MUD code repository dedicated to offering the MUD community a free and open place to exchange mud snippets, release mud codebases, post articles, provide advice, and offer opinions on an array of MUD related topics.
Web Link Top MUD Sites
Contains some of the best MUDs, RPGs, MMORPGs and Fantasy games on the Web, ranked according to visitor votes. Read articles, participate in the RPG forums, and write reviews.
Web Link The MUD Connector
Still the definitive online listing for active MUD servers, with a good forum. Source of the Big List in the web app Game Center.
Web Link Imaginary Realities
Revived in late 2013, this online magazine publishes articles on a wide range of MUD-related topics.
Web Link Optional Realities
A community and design blog for text-based roleplaying games with a focus on character and story-driven development.
Web Link MudVerse
A free online game listing and directory site. MudVerse has a simple to use search with many advanced features, such as custom tags.
Web Link MUDseek
MUDseek is a search engine for MUDs and mudding, using Google custom search engine technology.
Web Link MUD Lab
MUD Lab contains a wealth of developer discussions on advanced game design elements.