Our Mission

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The goal of this site is twofold: to help a new generation of players discover Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs) and to help game admins reach a wider audience.

At the heart of this site is our web app, a powerful framework for cloud play that offers text-based game admins a quick leap forward in their online presence, and flexible enough to allow for easy customization by game devs and even by players themselves.

The short-term goal for the web app is to provide new players with the easiest possible entry point into MUDs, game-finding tools, and a friendly community. The longer-term goal is to provide a platform for very different games to enhance their online experience, and to let them do so with minimum resources, taking advantage of various plugins designed to add visual stimulation or gameplay ease.

In working to achieve this goal, we hope to generate a strong community of app contributors that will allow us to one day offer a game client in the cloud that renders installable software like MUSHClient and Mudlet obsolete. Players will be able to enjoy their favorite game wherever they are, carrying over their preferences to their tablets, and even their phone.

For game admins, the bar to enhancing one's online reach has already been lowered with the coming of the MUD Portal. You can begin by adding a "Play" button on your site, or promoting your game listing. Those who are seeking to move away from the lesser-known term MUD can drive traffic to their game using the www.cloudgamer.org hostname / alias.