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Aadarian Realms

on Wednesday, 11 February 2015. Posted in Fantasy, Complete List

4.5/5 rating (26 votes)

Aadarian Realms


Aadarian Realms is a fast paced mud with 101 Levels over 4 Tiers.

We feature the following classes:

Tier 1: Mage, Ranger, Cleric, Warrior, Druid, Acolyte, Thief and Witch.
Tier 2: Wizard, Strider, Priest, Gladiator, Sage, Lich, Rogue and Wiccan.
Tier 3: Archmage, Hunter, Bishop, Knight, Hierophant, Necromancer, Assassin
and Warlock.

With our brand NEW Tier 4 Classes:
Sorceror, Nomad, Tracker, Cardinal, Healer, Champion, Guardian, Warden, Ghoul,
Torturer, Outlaw, Enforcer, Spellbinder, Psychic and Deathknight.

Every single skill has been meticulously gone through and rebalanced. Every single
class and race has been looked at, and racial skills added, special stats modified, and
much much more done.

Aadarian Realms features:

• Completely Automated clan system.
• Run command to easily travel between areas.
• 2 Automated Quest Systems.
• Player Crafting.
• Artifact Items - Levelling items, which are able to be updated.
• Warzone Area - Player Killing Area giving specific rewards.
• Devote - Gain extra stats.
• Hero EQ - spread through-out the world.
• Storage - Keep your special objects safe.

Aadarian Realms has been running for almost 3 years now, and in those 3 years has
been in the top 20 muds on TMC.

If you want a MUD where player ideas are taken seriously, then Aadarian Realms is
the place for you. Give us 15 minutes of your time, and those 15 minutes could end
up being hours!

We look forward to seeing you.

Age of Dragons

on Friday, 04 April 2014. Posted in Fantasy, Roleplay, Hack & Slash, Complete List

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Age of Dragons


Age of Dragons is being newly developed using the CoffeeMUD MUD engine. The original game is still online, however most development is being put into the reboot using CoffeeMUD. The game is set after the end of the War of the Lance, during what is commonly termed 'the 4th age'. The Knights of Solamnia and Forces of Whitestone defeated the Dragonarmies of Takhisis with the instrumental assistance of the heroes of the lance. Things are far from peaceful, but the grip of fear throughout Ansalon has ended for most. In this new era, adventurers are aplenty. The dangers of the land differ from locale to locale, and skirmishes most often occur between small groups as opposed to large armies. The potential for wealth and fame is abound for adventurers in this era. At the same time, while routed, the dragonarmies are not destroyed. In addition, new and dark forces are arising, and the Knights of Solamnia and the Forces of Whitestone cannot sit on their heels and wait. They continue to remain active and recruiting; as do their adversaries, known and otherwise. Our game is currently in a state of heavy development, and is not yet ready for general play. We do however appreciate anyone who would like to help test things out, as well as those who wish to help with the building and quest making efforts. You can find our website at and connect at port 4444. If you're a fan of the old classic CircleMUD Age of Dragons, it can be found at and at port 4000.


on Friday, 01 March 2019. Posted in Fantasy, Complete List

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Aldebaran is a classical LPmud which is focussed on exploration and quest solving - there is no PK.

Originally founded by some Ex-Nemesis wizzes, when that one as shut down, it uses a genuine mudlib with a complex damage and skill system.

There are some cults and clans, but in general participating in one of these should not exclude you from exploring some parts of the rest of the world. Efforts are made to emphasize a consistent medieval fantasy setting of the game. Over time even the game driver did move away from the original Amylaar sources and can now even do MXP.

We invite you to share our fantasies and we also welcome newbie coders with a huge amount of coding documentation & working, walkable examples. []


on Wednesday, 21 August 2013. Posted in Fantasy, Hack & Slash, Complete List

4.7/5 rating (6 votes)


Welcome to Ansalon, a Dragonlance MUD (Multi User Dungeon, Text Based Game) where a player can become an imaginary character in the DragonLance world, and interact with other players who are also playing at the same time. Your character can be a Silvanesti Elf, a Neidar Dwarf, a Human, a Minotaur, a fun-loving Kender, or any of a multitude of races.

Ansalon is one of the longest-running MUDs left in existence (est. 1996). It is a stable, well-developed world, with custom code and custom areas to explore. Even over a decade later, we’re making upgrades and changes on a weekly basis!


on Saturday, 13 April 2019. Posted in Fantasy, Complete List

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Let your spirit take shape in one of fifteen races, cast your will into one of nine guilds and begin your journey towards destiny. Forge friendships. Gain power. Vanquish ememies. Work with your allies toward things greater than any individual. Become part of the rich history of adventures who have made their home in a world that is immediately fun and will continue to challenge and stimulate for years to come. Step through the portal, and immerse yourself in the mythical world, Astaria.

Classic 6Dragons

on Saturday, 19 July 2014. Posted in Fantasy, Hack & Slash, Complete List

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Classic 6Dragons

Classic 6Dragons is a free text based game, based on the 6Dragons codebase. This game's dragons are as they were intended to be... Powerful, awe-inspiring and just incredible FUN to play! Some Features Include: Accessibility, 6 Dragons has a soundpack and setting for the seeing impaired. Custom Tradeskills: don't like hack n slash, be a blacksmith, jeweler, baker, or trader. Wilderness that is difficult to get lost in, due to landmark code. Custom City Siege code, where you can laysiege to other cities. Custom Quest Journal no questmaster cookie cutter code, our quest code is unique.

Days of Dragons

on Monday, 18 May 2015. Posted in Fantasy, Complete List

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Days of Dragons
Old Classic 6Dragons game.



on Tuesday, 13 August 2013. Posted in Historical, Complete List

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After the Punic Wars in the third century BC, Rome had conquered most of the Iberian Peninsula and the Lusitanian army had been driven to the brink of defeat. After promising peace, Roman Consul Servius Sulpicius Galba betrayed the Lusitanians and killed many of them in a bloody massacre. Among the few who escaped was their leader, Viriathus. Viriathus organized a resistance force and drove the Romans back to regain control of the peninsula. Lusitan was overjoyed. From humble origins and often called barbarians, they had held their own against the Roman legions.



on Tuesday, 19 January 2016. Posted in Fantasy, Roleplay, Complete List

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What is this? 
We are text based roleplay intensive fantasy adventure that is a built on top of the ROM 2.4b6 codebase, commonly referred to as a MUD (multi-user dungeon). 
Wait, why ROM? 
It's not just ROM! Useful features from other open source codebases (Smaug, Moosehead Sled, Crimson Skies) and many other authors have been included into our core. In addition, ROM has been cleaned up, modernized (where applicable) and modified to become a stable platform for us to build upon going forward. To that end, we're really excited. 
Roleplay you say? 
Yeah, RPI (roleplay intensive) to be exact. We're trying to cultivate a medieval fantasy world that provides a deep storyline to support the hack and slash aspects of our game. It's no easy task but we feel that we've created something that can be enjoyed by everyone and still feel immersive.

Procedural Realms

on Saturday, 31 October 2015. Posted in Hack & Slash, Complete List

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Procedural Realms
Play Now!

Procedural Realms is a brand new codebase written from the ground up. Inspired by Diku MUDs, rogue-like games, and Diablo-style loot and equipment systems, the game features a randomly generated open world with many monsters to kill and dungeons to explore. Some of the highlights include: 
  • Extensive crafting system, almost everything is craftable. 
  • Randomly generated equipment. 
  • Many skills and classes to choose from. 
  • Player built houses and shops. 
  • Build and excavate mines, clear farmland, roads, walls, fences. 
  • AI agents that can be hired to fight alongside you. 
  • Flexible character progression. 
  • Resource-driven economy, shops only carry items sold to them. 
  • Thorough in-game help system. 
  • Quests, fishing, farming, cooking, mining, smithing, and much more. 
The game is operational and open for player testing. There's a solid core game in place but we need players to help shape what the future will be. Things like guilds, PvP/PK, and endgame content are not yet complete. Your feedback is important! Please let us know what you think.
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