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Classic 6Dragons

Classic 6Dragons is a free text based game, based on the 6Dragons codebase. This game's dragons are as they were intended to be... Powerful, awe-inspiring and just incredible FUN to play! Some Features Include: Accessibility, 6 Dragons has a soundpack and setting for the seeing impaired. Custom Tradeskills: don't like hack n slash, be a blacksmith, jeweler, baker, or trader. Wilderness that is difficult to get lost in, due to landmark code. Custom City Siege code, where you can laysiege to other cities. Custom Quest Journal no questmaster cookie cutter code, our quest code is unique.

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  • Cole


    22 November 2015 at 21:45 |
    Classic 6Dragons is by far one of the most expansive and amazingly customized MUD's I have ever played. The tradeskills, the class/race system, the quests, and the players are all amazing and unique. The massive soundpacks and customization made to enhance gameplay for Visually Impaired Players, is astounding. Dragons, of course, are a playable class and are extremely powerful and have access to amazing skills and abilities. My primary character at the moment, quinlam, is a vampire. I enjoy all the class/race combinations, but Dragon and Vampire are at the top for me. Become a tanner and make cloth equipment. Become a baker and make food items for you and your friends. Try out the new modifications for the monk class and use martial arts to defeat your foe. Everything about this mud is interesting, and unique. Come try it out, and I promise you won't regret it.

    Ludum/Quinlam - Game Events.


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