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Built upon the remains of the classic games Myrradel and Alhazi Invasion, a new land called Kallindor rises from their ashes.

We offer an environment ripe for adventure with over 100 original areas, 18 races, 5 base classes, and an additional 16 subclasses (chosen at level 30 of 60) to choose from with literally hundreds of new and unique skills and spells.

With clans, pkilling, pstealing, and a full meta system that will be expanding soon in many ways, you can expect to find a lot to do and many ways for you and your friends to improve yourselves and keep things interesting.

Our environment is best suited for players who enjoy a fun environment of hack’n’slash combat and vast character improvement through meta and original areas with unique boss fights and interesting equipment upgrades.

Class paths:


  • Archmage
  • Sorcerer
  • Necromancer


  • Avatar
  • Druid
  • Herald


  • Berserker
  • Knight
  • Paladin


  • Assasin
  • Ranger
  • Ruiner
  • Thief


  • Shaolin
  • Mystic
  • Shadow Sun Clan


Lands of Oneiro

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Lands of Oneiro
Lands of Oneiro will be a free-to-play Multi-User Dungeon game set in a unique high fantasy universe. One of the greatest hopes that I have for Lands of Oneiro is that the world that will be one worth exploring and the stories will be fun to experience. With the date for the first alpha test approaching, I want to have ready a minimum viable product to play around with. This will be a brief test of the game design concept overall. The goal is to gain useful feedback – from both the game engine and the play-testers. I can't wait to share the beginning of the adventure! Features: * Game code is based off Dawn 1.69s_beta5. * No need for character approval from the game staff. Play and level up immediately! * Roleplay is encouraged but not required. * LoO is a PK-Free MUD. Game code prevents all player killing and stealing from players. * No permanent death. Return to life in your home city with your equipment nearby. * Simple character creation and passive tutorials get you into the game quickly Alpha testing is expected to cover the following gameplay: * passive, class-specific tutorial * rewritten and organized Helpfile System * Dusk Elf Mage Storyline - Chapter One If you're interested in following the project, my dev blog is here: Connection Information:

Legends of Hatred

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Legends of Hatred
Legends of Hatred is a HEAVILY modified GodWars based MUD. We have extensively modified a version of GodWars from 1998.



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What is this? 
We are text based roleplay intensive fantasy adventure that is a built on top of the ROM 2.4b6 codebase, commonly referred to as a MUD (multi-user dungeon). 
Wait, why ROM? 
It's not just ROM! Useful features from other open source codebases (Smaug, Moosehead Sled, Crimson Skies) and many other authors have been included into our core. In addition, ROM has been cleaned up, modernized (where applicable) and modified to become a stable platform for us to build upon going forward. To that end, we're really excited. 
Roleplay you say? 
Yeah, RPI (roleplay intensive) to be exact. We're trying to cultivate a medieval fantasy world that provides a deep storyline to support the hack and slash aspects of our game. It's no easy task but we feel that we've created something that can be enjoyed by everyone and still feel immersive.

Lost Souls

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Lost Souls

Lost Souls has pushed the limits of what it means to be a MUD since its founding in 1990. The depth and idiosyncrasy of the characters and play styles available for you to try are unmatched, and development of the world has never been held back by clinging to past convention.

Luminari MUD

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Luminari MUD
LuminariMUD is a project combining/bug-checking/documenting of:
tbaMUD / CWG and d20MUD elements
Into one MUD...

Fantasy-themed, original world in development.
Game mechanics heavily influenced by D&D3.5 / D20.

We are early-Beta development at this stage.




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Lusternia: Age of Ascension
, a quality text game released by industry pioneer Iron Realms Entertainment, breaks new ground by presenting a dynamic roleplaying environment that pioneers innovative new features, quests and skills. Lusternia is sure to challenge experienced gamers and delight those new to the genre of text worlds.

  • Player vs. Player Combat: Lusternia offers the same style of intensive player vs. player (PvP) combat that has been one of the signature features of the Iron Realms games, but with Lusternia's power and feat design, combat takes on a whole new level of strategy.

  • Trade Skills: Each player may take one trade skill from among eight choices. Not only do these trade skills offer an avenue of income but also provide benefits beyond simple item crafting. A cook can pump up a crowd with a hero's fete! A jeweler can create the perfect gemstone that only you can handle! A poison expert gains the secrets of immunizing him or herself!

  • Simplified Skill Tree: Many skills have branches that follow a basic skill tree that allow some customization among players.

  • Influencing NPCs: Skills designed to non-violently battle non-player characters, an alternative to the "hack and slash" method of experience gaining. If you are defeated in one of these ego battles, you will lose experience. If you win, however, not only will you gain experience but also influence the mob in some manner. Seduce the barmaid! Make the Captain of the Guards paranoid.

  • Customizable Government: Leaders of major cities can choose a political structure and governing style for their cities. Could you be living in a despotic religious society? A benevolent government bent on world conquest?

  • Dynamic Economy: Dozens of quests will cause a village to produce greater quantities of the valuable commodities needed to craft items. Most quests are simple and straightforward. Other quests will permanently effect a village's commodity output.

  • Amazing Quests: One of the top quest designers in the field has spent a year developing hundreds of quests for Lusternia that range from the simple to the complex. Some quests cannot be solved the same way twice--so beware those who think quests are easy to re-do! Can you solve the murder mystery at Stewart Mansion? How about designing the weapon that will pick the next Orc Chieftain of Acknor?

Lusternia Tae Dae

Materia Magica

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Materia Magica

Materia Magica is a free text-based multiplayer game based around traditional fantasy themes, where a tight-knit and welcoming community is presided over by an active Immortal staff.

The game world of Alyria is ever-expanding and vast, and new content is added regularly. There are over ten million locations, tens of thousands of items and creatures, thousands of individually written quests, and hundreds of areas. The choices you make shape the world around you. Run for Mayor of Rune, and administrate the city to your preference. Create a clan with friends and challenge the supremacy of others, or co-exist peacefully. Build your own, permanent houses and clanhalls; areas that will stand forever in game. Prefer to be out on the open seas? Sail the Alyrian seas and battle pirates, whether they be players or NPCs, plundering their wrecked ships for riches!

The game has over 200 bosses and numerous runs. Descend into the lair of the Ice Witch or the Hydra's Den. Plumb the depths of abandoned Clanhalls for lost treasures. Explore the forgotten Pyramid, or battle the madness of Kessarian's Dungeon, Hotel Hello or the Isle of the Sea Hag. For the truly elite, the Archlich Jhepp and the Megafather await. These are but a fraction of the enemies to find in-game.

Online for over fifteen years, Materia Magica is one of the most venerable and stable MUDs available. And it's free! Join us for a short while, or stay for years, whatever your wish. Come visit!

(We also welcome sight-impaired players and have numerous settings that help optimize play with screen readers.)

Meat II

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Caltarra Token

Meat II is a classic MUD experience harkening back to ye early days of text-based gaming. Players may choose from one of multiple fantastic races alongside the four classic classes of Mage, Warrior, Thief and Cleric when creating their avatar. While much of the world is formed of stock areas, new zones have been added with secrets to discover and challenges to overcome. Begin your adventure among the buried dead of the ancient catacombs. Discover the hidden and forgotten subway from another time and place. Venture into the depths of Castle Dracula and discover whether you are a match for his evil might.

Group with your friends. Dispatch your enemies. Win the renown of your peers.

Welcome to Meat II.

Midkemia Online

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Midkemia Online
Midkemia Online is a fast paced, thrilling, text-based MMORPG, based on the acclaimed Riftwar Saga of New York Times-bestselling author Raymond E. Feist. Best of all, Midkemia Online is completely free to play!

Set after A Darkness At Sethanon, Midkemia is a world filled with adventure and intrigue, men and Gods, Valheru and dragons, and more! Play as a Human, Eledhel, Moredhel, Tsurani, Dwarf, Goblin or Troll, with hundreds of other players. Join one of 6 diverse guilds, including the Mockers, the Spellweavers, or one of the Moredhel Clans, and rise to fame and prominence in the port city of Krondor, the mystical forests of Elvandar, or ancient Sar-Sargoth in the bitter northlands.

Midkemia Rift War
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