Lands of Oneiro

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Lands of Oneiro
Lands of Oneiro will be a free-to-play Multi-User Dungeon game set in a unique high fantasy universe. One of the greatest hopes that I have for Lands of Oneiro is that the world that will be one worth exploring and the stories will be fun to experience. With the date for the first alpha test approaching, I want to have ready a minimum viable product to play around with. This will be a brief test of the game design concept overall. The goal is to gain useful feedback – from both the game engine and the play-testers. I can't wait to share the beginning of the adventure! Features: * Game code is based off Dawn 1.69s_beta5. * No need for character approval from the game staff. Play and level up immediately! * Roleplay is encouraged but not required. * LoO is a PK-Free MUD. Game code prevents all player killing and stealing from players. * No permanent death. Return to life in your home city with your equipment nearby. * Simple character creation and passive tutorials get you into the game quickly Alpha testing is expected to cover the following gameplay: * passive, class-specific tutorial * rewritten and organized Helpfile System * Dusk Elf Mage Storyline - Chapter One If you're interested in following the project, my dev blog is here: Connection Information:

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