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Bedlam MMO

Graphical web and iPhone apps set apart this intelligent hack'n'slash loot fest. Random & randomized loot, custom quest system. Based on the original zones of AnotherWorld. Hunt for artifacts, solve puzzles, take down tough bosses.


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What makes Blackfire unique?
  • All parts of Blackfire is connected to the wilderness, which is a 4 million room "area".
  • Personal Mounts - Its is possible to fly through the wilderness mounted on special beasts.
  • A roleplaying and mature audience.
  • The ablity to multiclass, thus gaining the advantages from your previous class over to the new one.
  • Player driven religious sects known as cabals.
  • Player storage area where one can store equipment for a rent and retrieve it later.
  • Non Player Character behavior, making the world seem more alive.
  • *Unqiue items, you may have to kill and loot other players to get them.
  • Player killing is not only legal, but also encouraged.
  • A tracksystem based on a mobiles ability to hunt and scent
  • Player formations, where up to nine players may form and cooperate to achive better results.
  • Free player renting - your equipment and belongings are saved.
  • Real estate, you may buy your own house.
  • Online Creation - become a builder and develop the world online..
  • Chaos Gates - Once you have ventured inside one of these, death may be the only way out. These gates may send you back in time, and to places where the laws of time and physics are twisted. You lose all communication with the outside world and there are NO RULES inside. This is the most dangerous areas in the game.
  • Player looting, when you kill an opponent inside a chaos gate or in a chaotic area you may loot some of his equpment.
  • *Romance module, where it is possible to date and marry..;)
  • Skinning, sometimes it is neccesary to skin a corpse to find the true valuables.
  • Equipment deteriaton, as your equipment gets older it loses some of it's magical energies.
  • *A magician's power depends on the lunar positions of the two moons.
  • *Many different quests with interesting prizes.
  • Many different original areas for the players to explore
Come Join us!

Bleached InuYasha Galaxy

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Bleached InuYasha Galaxy

Bleached InuYasha Galaxy (previously known as InuYasha Galaxy) is a hybrid MUD that mixes together the Bleach and InuYasha anime series 
into one unique intense adventure.
Our average player count ranges from 5-20 players online. One of our most unique features is our shard system, where shards (shikon shards) of a jewel (the Shikon no Tama) have been scattered across both eras, thus players can find these shards and use them to increase their own power by embedding them into body parts as well as attaching them to items. This plays a very important role in our intense PK system as well. There is virtually no limit for the strength of a player, and we have absolutely no stock areas, classes, or races. Since players have full control over the clan system, clan wars become extremely bloody (and even more so with shikon shards in play).

Here are just some of our features:
  • Embed shards of the Shikon no Tama in different body parts for various strengths, or attach shards to weapons and armor. 

  • Combine enough shards and create the Shikon no Tama, which can grant your deepest desire!

  • Create your own customizable Youkai (demon) transformation. 

  • Travel between two worlds; the Modern and Feudal era (time travel).

  • A unique class system, where you can multi-class into different classes such as Combatant or Slayer, and level up the class. 

  • Set up your own shop and sell items with a merchant cart. 

  • Create, customize, and control your own clans. 

  • Plenty of skills right from both anime series, such as Sankon Tetsusou (Iron Reaver Soul Stealer), or Kidou (Demon Arts). 

  • An elemental system (fire, wind, earth, etc), where players can choose an element on creation as well as elemental weapons. 

  • Unique weapon attacks, where special weapons can fire powerful attacks. 
...and so much more! 
The current version is alpha.


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Un MUD basado en la Rueda del Tiempo de Robert Jordan, así como en el juego de rol de dicha novela. Juego y Web accesibles para invidentes.


Carrion Fields

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Carrion Fields

We offer heart-pounding PK, deep role play and diverse interaction opportunities in a well-established classic fantasy MUD that is based on D&D rules.  We are also 100% free.

Carrion Fields has 16 well-defined and balanced classes, multiple races, and an enormous, original world.  Additionally we have a broad pantheon of immortal religions, constant game development and a friendly community.

If you enjoy a challenging and undiluted gaming experience full of hidden twists, RP immersion and fast paced combat, we are the game for you.


Cayo Agua

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Cayo Agua

Cayo Agua is a Classic World of Darkness game set within the Florida keys. The theme is one of supernatural horror. Truly they are the lesser of two evils as they stand between mankind against creatures far worse than themselves. This consent based game consists of three cities each with its own troubles allowing for players to easily run their own stories which effects the game's world.

In all the various game lines we have made the decisions that all those who hold official positions on the main grid are NPCs. This allows players to focus on the group dynamics of Cabals, Coteries, & Packs. Of course any player seeking their own domain is free to carve out their own territory either in the wild or the nearby suburbs with the added thrill of watching it grow under their leadership.

Regardless of sphere getting a character is simple. Log in to the game and check out the news files and send staff your stats. Within 24 hours your character will be set up and ready for play. Character transfers are welcomed.

We currently support the following spheres:
  • Changeling the Dreaming
  • Humans: The Cannon Fodder
  • Vampire the Masquerade
  • Werewolf the Apocalypse
  • Mage the Awakening
  • Sub spheres: of Psychic and Sorcerer are available.

Features include:
  • Scheduled Plots
  • Intractable NPCs
  • Built-in map for easy travel

Classic 6Dragons

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Classic 6Dragons

Classic 6Dragons is a free text based game, based on the 6Dragons codebase. This game's dragons are as they were intended to be... Powerful, awe-inspiring and just incredible FUN to play! Some Features Include: Accessibility, 6 Dragons has a soundpack and setting for the seeing impaired. Custom Tradeskills: don't like hack n slash, be a blacksmith, jeweler, baker, or trader. Wilderness that is difficult to get lost in, due to landmark code. Custom City Siege code, where you can laysiege to other cities. Custom Quest Journal no questmaster cookie cutter code, our quest code is unique.

Darkness of Time

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Darkness of Time

Since 2002, this Smaug-based MUD server has seen many code changes and added many exciting areas to explore. QuestMaster, all death traps removed, and a nurse who can retrieve your corpse for a price. I removed all death traps! (I hate 'em) Added a remort system, adult socials, furniture code and so much more!


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DarkWind, a long-standing and mature fantasy-genre mud, combines rich, descriptive story-telling with pulse-racing excitement and unique, cleverly-constructed features that are hard to find in such a well-implemented fashion elsewhere.

  • 12,000+ rooms
  • Multiple continents
  • 16 Races:
  • Darkwinder, Glavian, Barbarian, High elf, Dark elf, Duergar, Stone dwarf, Uruk, Northman, Arctic elf, Hyperborean gnome, Ice ogre, Ice gnoll, Souvraeli, Desert nomad and Desert dwarf 
  • 12 Guilds/Classes: Bard, Cleric, Charlatan, Mage, Necromancer, Ninja, Garou, Thief, Druid, Fighter, Psionicist, and Swashbuckler
  • Player owned pubs & inns
  • Player-driven economy
  • Player owned ships
  • Player owned pets
  • Stable, database-driven LDMUD driver.
  • Separate development MUD, decreases disruption on live MUD
  • Active, friendly, and interested admins and builders.
  • Clans!

Days of Dragons

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Days of Dragons
Old Classic 6Dragons game.

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