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DarkWind, a long-standing and mature fantasy-genre mud, combines rich, descriptive story-telling with pulse-racing excitement and unique, cleverly-constructed features that are hard to find in such a well-implemented fashion elsewhere.

  • 12,000+ rooms
  • Multiple continents
  • 16 Races:
  • Darkwinder, Glavian, Barbarian, High elf, Dark elf, Duergar, Stone dwarf, Uruk, Northman, Arctic elf, Hyperborean gnome, Ice ogre, Ice gnoll, Souvraeli, Desert nomad and Desert dwarf 
  • 12 Guilds/Classes: Bard, Cleric, Charlatan, Mage, Necromancer, Ninja, Garou, Thief, Druid, Fighter, Psionicist, and Swashbuckler
  • Player owned pubs & inns
  • Player-driven economy
  • Player owned ships
  • Player owned pets
  • Stable, database-driven LDMUD driver.
  • Separate development MUD, decreases disruption on live MUD
  • Active, friendly, and interested admins and builders.
  • Clans!

Days of Dragons

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Days of Dragons
Old Classic 6Dragons game.


Drag(*)nBall Z: (FE)

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Looking for a Dragonball experience that's about more than simply watching your virtual power level increase? 

Drag(*)nball Z: FE is a Dragon Ball Z MUD run on a completely custom codebase that uses the BYOND engine. It was built from the ground-up, and seeks to follow the inspiration started by Trenton's Dragonball Z: Fighter's Edition (DBZ FE) and Rcet's Dragonball Z: Reality (DBZ Reality). Gameplay focuses on a completely interactive combat system, where your character only attacks when you give the order, and your defenses are similarly your own responsibility! 
Features include:
  • Open PVP: Restricted by max power level (no getting ganked when you wouldn't have a chance to win!).
  • Fully detailed ASCII map: rather than room descriptions, view a map detailing the terrain, nearby NPCs, and players.
  • No conventional levels: Power level increases as you fight, with a substantial bonus for killing blows.
  • Skill-based combat: Dodge and parry your opponent's attacks while countering with your own feints and maneuvers.
  • Long-ranged and energy attacks: strike at your opponent from several rooms away, or unleash a devastating blast at close range.
  • Human, Saiyan, Namekian, Kaio and Android races currently playable, each with its own unique attacks and transformations.

Dragonball Advent Truth

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Dragonball Advent Truth
The truest form of DBZ a mud can provide. Allowing you to live out your DBZ based character to the fullest extent of your imagination. Featuring, but not limited to, the following:
Destructible environments, fully explorable space, private ships that you can own to explore space, dynamic gravity system with gravity generators that can be programmed to a specific setting, and a 
dynamic wish system that summons Shenron and allows you to speak wishes like in the show.
These are to name but a tiny fraction of what Dragonball Advent Truth offers. Won't you come experience the true beginning of DBZ mudding with us? You won't regret it. Leave the past behind.


End of Time

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End of Time
A 100% free ROM-based MUD whose theme is primarily Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger / Chrono Cross. It is a highly modified, customized game with a strong emphasis on character customization, well-built areas, and a fun atmosphere.


Fantasy Land

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Realm of the Adventurers
  • 150 levels
  • 22 races
  • 7 classes
  • 2 tiers
  • 2 quest codes
  • Auction system
  • Semi-original areas

God Wars II

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God Wars II


A fast and furious PK mud, designed to test player skill in terms of pre-battle preparation and on-the-spot reflexes, as well as the ability to adapt quickly to new situations. Take on the role of a godlike supernatural being in a fight for supremacy.

Heroes of the Lance III

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Heroes of the Lance III

Heroes of the Lance 3 is a Dragonlance, Forgotten realms based mud with 100+ unique classes, skills, questing, heart thumping war and fusion/generation systems. You choose the skills according to how much your brain can hold, and the class will be assigned to you. 
The leveling system extends to 50, and upon there, you gain the ability to fusion/mate with another player and go on to the next generation (more powerful), being something you have never been before. This makes for endless replaying and customizing through a dynamic gene pool. Note: This is NOT remort. During fusion any of the other players limbs and/or genes can be transferred to you and vice versa, but be careful, genes can also be lost. 
Due to the unique fusion and skill system, no two players are ever 
the same. 
With the exception of standard weapon attacks, combat and spell casting time is not randomised, you employ full control of when you cast the next spell or strike the next hit through our action point system. 
Try us out to see it in action.


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"As far as story-driven RPGs are concerned though, Imperian is one of the best I've seen" - OnRPG staff review

The three moons of Aetherius, constantly shifting and changing the planet beneath them. Their shifting influence and unpredictable influence over the land has brought new life, change and terror to the land. Magick washes across Imperian in waves, new races and mortal powers have been born, and demons walk the earth. Only the quick witted and strong will survive.

  • Intense PVP Combat - With intricate skills and extensive combat coding, Imperian without a doubt features some of the most exciting and realistic player-vs-player battles that can be found anywhere!

  • Involved Roleplay - Immerse yourself in vibrant roleplay! From religion to relationships, politics to revenge and all facets in-between, Imperian boasts a hardcore RP atmosphere.

  • Elaborate Guild Skills - Each guild in the game has a unique approach to both NPC and PC combat and interaction skills. From the fearsome yet beautiful grove skills of the Arboreal, to the mysterious Vodun and Curses of the Wytchen, there is a guild and a bevy of skills for every taste.

  • Innovative Races - From the feral Lycean to the armored Akrabi, the eloquent Sidhe to the graceful Lamira , Imperian features an array of original races to choose from. Each race additionally offers racial-only skills and distinctive roleplay opportunities.

  • Immense Original World - With a team of full-time builders, the world of Aetherieus is ever expanding with distinctive areas rich in detail. There are numerous places to explore and creatures to interact with.

  • Challenging Quests - The massive realm of Aetherius boasts enough quests to keep you occupied for a long time, not to mention the impromptu quests that are initiated by the realms Deities and Celani.

  • Dynamic Economy - Make your fortune by peddling your wares to friends, place an ad selling your skills or even open your own store!

  • Player-Built Housing - Imperian gives players the chance to design and build their very own houses.

  • Newcomer Friendly - Imperian features a short opening area, Ancient Caanae, which smoothly introduces novice and experienced mudders alike to the game. There are also extensive help files, a novice channel and novice Guides to aid if needed.

  • Large Playerbase - A large, dedicated playerbase ensures that there is always something happening, and always someone to interact with no matter what you seek.

  • Dedicated Support Staff - Imperian features a dedicated staff that will quickly address both in-game and out-of-game issues.

Indeterminate Destiny

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Indeterminate Destiny

Welcome to Indeterminate Destiny, a world where your destiny has yet to be written. Our goal is a stock feeling RoT based MUD that also has a modern feel to it. We kept the stock feel area and PK wise, while offering all the modern convenience features. There is a forge system for making your own equipment, a questing system for getting extra equipment, a highly advanced arena system for challenging other players and so much more. The full list can be seen by typing "HELP FEATURES" once you log on.
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