Arcane Nites

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Arcane Nites

unique (yoo-neek)
1. Being the only one of its kind.
2. Without an equal or equivalent; unparalleled.

History: We have always prided ourselves on being truly unique with our gaming experience and design. We also have the richest history and storyline of any mud that is out there. Our shortened roleplay history is 40 pages long, giving players the ability to truly see the timeline and progression of the game.

We have just finished a 1 year long rewrite of the code to create a truly unique gaming experience. Our two imps have a combined 29 years of mud design experience and can trace their mudding roots back to some of the original muds of the late 80s and early 90s. If that is not enough to convince you to check us out, just go through our character creation and you will be hooked by the flexibility and wide array of paths a character can go down.

We are currently rebuilding the player base now after 2 years of construction, so get in now and become part of the history and lore. We look forward to seeing you and are sure you will enjoy your time with us. After all, we are a mud built on the ideas of thousands of players over the past 8 years Well scrap this old history that was there for the past few years and that I kept for pure historic purpose. And forgive my poor English while attempting to make a new one.

This mud is old, really old and was very popular at a point, now old farts come and log have a chat and go elsewhere. We need fresh meat to beat (err help) We suffer the eternal hen and egg problem. Newbies usually find the mud nice, but not enough people on and leave just before a new one try...

The world is huge and enjoyable but what makes this game interesting is people interaction. All the basic facilities you can have are implemented, and if you want more, just ask. I tuned the game so if you choose to be pk, you don't actually need to level to compete. (hp/mana/moves bonus are given). And every items is lootable, NO exception. A fight can go from 1 rounds to 30, and all the rules are hard coded, so no whining. If you can do it it is legal. If you harass people, you better be really good as you will not find a place to rest. If you have any question, log, ask, or post a note, I will answer it. What's next ? Crafting is coming, 80% of the work done.

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