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Animud is an anime themed roleplaying based world. We have a medium 
sized world of mostly original content. Most of our areas and world 
are based on various anime. We are always expanding it and looking for 
builders. We offer anime based races that are well themed for 
creating your dream character. Everything is balanced and we 
guarantee you will love our quest system. Animud offers an open 
clan (guild) system where players create their own clans, with 
extended ranks and clan hall options. Equipment is level restricted 
within 50 levels, keeping low level players from abusing high level 
equipment, while still providing freedom of eq choice. We are a 200 
level mud, our races are; Human, Elf, Dwarf, Saiyan, Third(android), 
Juraian, and Skeleton. We have the following classes: Mage, Cleric, 
Thief, Warrior and Vampire. 

New players are welcome and our help system is specifically designed 
to cater to the skill level of the player. We hope to see you on!

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