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Procedural Realms

on Saturday, 31 October 2015. Posted in Hack & Slash, Complete List

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Procedural Realms

Play Now!

Classic turn-based combat meets modern game design in a giant procedurally generated world. Hack and slash your way to victory with the JRPG-inspired turn-based combat system, or build the farm of your dreams and craft your way to success. Open-ended character customization and use-based skill progression make for endless builds to experiment with.
  • Enjoy casual gameplay, simple mechanics, and a fun, friendly, cooperative environment
  • Choose your playstyle: solo PvE combat, group dungeons, or crafting and base building
  • Build a farm, breed livestock, and produce goods to enhance or profit
  • Crawl dungeons, discover randomized loot and equipment, or craft and enchant your own
  • Craft weapons and armor, brew potions, build a shelter, go fishing, or dig for buried treasure
  • Hire a mercenary, summon powerful elementals, or raise an army of the dead
  • Over 100 combat abilities and 10 crafting skills for endless play style options
Fast character creation and a few quick interactive tutorials will teach you the basics and have you playing quickly. Come enjoy a new casual PvE experience and make your mark on the world.

Realm of Shadows

on Friday, 02 October 2015. Posted in Fantasy, PvP / PK, Hack & Slash, Complete List

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Realm of Shadows

Realm of Shadows was founded in July 2001 and made its online debut in February 2, 2002. Since its inception, it has grown and evolved into a unique game play experience set within a world of magic and monsters. What you become is up to you, some people are deadly assassins that do nothing other than wait for unsuspecting victims and then strike. Perhaps you could become a merchant, you would search the realm for unique and powerful items and then trade or make a profit off them, some players will become brave mortals who will take on any quest the quest master will give them. The  possibilities are endless. Explore thousands of rooms hacking and slashing your  way through various creatures to ascend in the mortal food chain. Thousands of random items can be found all over the game!
We have tons of unique features that many players enjoy!
* Multiclassing
* Tiered classes
* True random object system
* Interesting areas to explore
* Optional PK
* Balanced experience system
* God led follower system
* Unique spells/skills
* 12 races and 9 classes (with tiers and special class options)
* Socketed objects (can combine gems with objects to add affects)
* Enhanced PK system for those who partake
* Generous immortal staff!  double/triple xp days
* Friendly staff and players
and so much more!  Come see for yourself!

Realm of Utopian Dreams

on Thursday, 03 September 2015. Posted in Roleplay, Hack & Slash, Complete List

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Realm of Utopian Dreams

Since 1996, the Realm of Utopian Dreams (RUD) has offered a free and unique middle-ages world of fantasy and make-believe in which players can create imaginary characters to participate in challenging adventures, perilous quests and dark-ages politics, and can enjoy making new friendships. RUD is an eclectic mix of role-play and hack-n-slash adventure.
We offer dozens of unique races and classes: 12 mortal races, 12 remort races, 11 original alignment-based races, 16 mortal classes, 16 remort classes, and 18 original alignment-based classes, each with special skills and abilities. Try your hand, for example, at playing a Geomancer, Samurai, Psiblade, Merchant, Ghostwalker, Pyromancer, Espion, or Executioner. We proudly offer a large variety of modes of communication including an expansive note system, and more than thirty channels. We provide automated mapping, an automated quest system and player/noble-run quests, random mud-wide bonuses, random mud-wide remort and pk options, and one of the largest systems of on-line help files around.
For those who would like to build their power and prestige after their time of adventuring, we have 9 levels of Nobility: become a Chevalier, Count, Marquise, Archduke, or Prince. Build and add to your castle, extend your lands and influence, rent rooms to other players, tax citizens, jail criminals, run special quests, host special role-play events, participate in PK with other PK-ers when you wish, buy special soliders, attend court, add to your Noble webpage, and more. Browse the RUD Book of Nobles to check out current noble players.
Please visit our exciting world and give us a try. You can telnet in and start playing right away. You can visit our website or join our Yahoo! Group. Our free Yahoo group offers dozens of player and character photos; databases; great links; and dozens of sample images of RUD races and classes, polls in which you can voice your opinion and preferences, the results of which help to determine the direction of and changes and improvements to the mud. Give Mudmagic's Game of the Month a try! Join us and Explore the Medieval Fantasy!

Realms of Discordia

on Thursday, 10 December 2015. Posted in Complete List

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Realms of Discordia

Game running the CoffeeMUD engine

Reinos de Leyenda

on Tuesday, 13 January 2015. Posted in Fantasy, Complete List

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Reinos de Leyenda

Reinos de Leyenda is the best known Spanish Speaking MUD. 
Since 1996 the MUD was created, players and developers work together for this wonderful world called Eirea. Enjoy now Eirea and choose your own destiny. You can become a feared warrior or a famous governor in your city. Also you can cross over the seas in your ship and ride along the dessert seeking for ancient and secret treasures in one of the quests inside the game. If you want to join our Community, this is your MUD. Enter the world of Eirea now!

Rising Kingdoms

on Friday, 28 February 2014. Posted in Fantasy, PvP / PK, Complete List

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Rising Kingdoms


Rising Kingdoms is set in a large and mostly medieval world where fighters and spellcasters develop their strengths through their class's main stat, and to a lesser degree, level. Equipment can be crafted by Illusionists or modified through runes. Potions can be brewed by Alchemists and are far more potent than any potions to be found elsewhere in the world. 

A mortal can reach a maximum level of 151, where at 150 he or she is considered a Hero and at 151 a Legend. But level development does not end there. An adventurer can advance infinitely by gaining faux levels. Once a Hero, the adventurer can remort and add a second class, the first remort costing questpoints, but any second class change thereafter is free. There are eight classes to choose from: 

- Archers, fighters who hunt with bows and arrows. 
- Clerics, healers and masters of defensive spells. 
- Gaians, controllers of the earth. 
- Illusionists, masters of deception and tricks of the mind. 
- Mages, skilled spellcasters. 
- Psionicists, those who harvest power from within themselves. 
- Thieves, stealthy pickpocketers who throw stars and potions or wield daggers. 
- Warriors, daemon summoners and masters of combat. 

A character's first and second class can be changed and players can restart their characters at any time without deleting, allowing new players to test out as many classes as they want without worrying about making mistakes. After a race is chosen in character creation, it can be changed through faux levels, and most races can evolve into stronger versions of themselves. There are various humanoid races available such as Vampires, Elves, Ogres, Dwarves, Illithids, Angels, Pixies, Shadows, and Ratlings, among others. Some of the non-humanoid races include Nekos, Tressyms (winged cats), Hatchlings, Kitsunes, and Kyuubis. 

Some entertainment and various features we offer are: 
- Gauntlet area with four difficulty modes 
- Various word games including Scrabble and an automated 'guess the phrase' game 
- Area quests created by our builders 
- Freeze tag 
- Player-made and run clans with non-pk, full-pk and restricted-pk options 
- Player housing and shops 
- 18 different leader boards 
- Group Questing zones 
- Solo questing and competitive questing 
- Hardcore toggle for players who want monsters to be more challenging 
- Player-created channels 

Those who are new to mudding can start at our completely customized Newbie University where they can attend lessons on how to mud, make some gold and questpoints, get equipped, and take on some challenging and fun missions. 

We would like to become a screen reader friendly mud and have already taken steps to make the game output more pleasant for the blind community. 

We would love to see you on the MUD!


Shadows of Isildur

on Tuesday, 02 June 2015. Posted in Fantasy, Roleplay, Complete List

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Shadows of Isildur

Join the battle for Mirkwood in the years before the Battle of Five Armies! Come live in Tolkien's Middle-earth in a professional quality, elaborately crafted, free, roleplay-intensive world.

Shattered Isles

on Sunday, 01 March 2020. Posted in Fantasy, Complete List

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Shattered Isles
Shattered Isles is a medieval-themed fantasy world where vast oceans have separated Archai into five inhabited island regions. Four of the large islands represent each of the worlds elements: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. Located centrally is the fifth isle, New Archai--the melting pot of the world. In Shattered Isles there are 16 different races from which to choose: one of four different Elven races severed by The Great Shattering, Dragons, Wyverns, Dwarves, Goblins, Gargoyles, Humans, a giant canine race known as Vukasins, faerie-like Sylphs, a giant humanoid race known as the Argali with horns much like a ram, giant Gavial lizards, and the Bolinau, a race of bipedal river creatures; think Otter meets Hobbit. The player classes consist of Air-mages, Earth-mages, Fire-mages, Water-mages, Thieves, Assassins, Scouts, Barbarians, Warriors, Templars, and Priests. The merchant system of Shattered Isles is a huge aspect of the world. All players regardless of class have the opportunity to learn most gathering skills and some basic crafting skills. Even more crafting skills are available to those who portray their character as a merchant and have paid proper dues to the Archai Trading Company. Player merchants may purchase shops for buying and selling goods and are entitled to custom orders throughout the year. Role play is strictly enforced by a dedicated and available staff, while conflict and fighting between players is always encouraged! What you wont find in Shattered Isles are flashing colors, annoying Out Of Character channels that take away from the environment, having to track down your dead and looted body, or a MUD straight out of the box with nothing unique to offer. In Shattered Isles weve spent more time than we would like to admit focusing on the smallest of details. We take pride in providing a world in which you can truly immerse yourself.


on Sunday, 25 August 2013. Posted in Fantasy, Hack & Slash, Complete List, Editor's Picks

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SlothMUD... the ultimate in DIKUMUD! The most active, intricate, exciting FREE MUD of its kind. This text based multiplayer free online rpg game and is enjoyed continuously by players worldwide. With over 23,500 uniquely described rooms, 8,300 distinct creatures, 12,200 characters, and 7,100 pieces of equipment, charms, trinkets and other items, our online RPG world is absolutely enormous and ready to explore.

  • 100% Original world
    • Over 23,500 unique richly described rooms
    • Over 8,400 unique mobs
    • Over 7,200 unique objects
  • Completely free to play - text based rpg game - multiplayer free online rpg game
  • Fast character creation-- No approval necessary
  • A single player base since 1997 with an average of 40+ online encompassing the world
    • US, Russia, Malaysia, Ukraine, Latvia, Singapore, UK, South Korea, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, Lithuania, Italy, Germany, Australia, France, Israel, Estonia, Finland, Spain, Belgium, Mexico, Taiwan, and Brazil
  • MSDP support (Mud Server Data Protocol) hundreds of variables available
  • MCCP support (Mud Client Compression Protocol)
  • MXP support (Mud Extension Protocol)
  • MSP support (Mud Sound Protocol)
  • Astrological event system (complete solar system simulator with 4 other planets)
  • Unique and well thought out magic system Six layers of Strata- Channeling, Shaping, Summoning, Healing, Enhancement, Necromancy)
  • Innovative experience system (exp can be gained in a variety of ways-- leading, tanking, grouping, blasting, exploring, healing, questing, et al.)
  • Dedicated Immortal Staff
  • Continuous Regeneration System
  • Customizable prompts-- over 25,000 possible prompts to choose from
  • Time spawned mobs creating dynamic world resets
  • Dynamic World Map-- showing real time movement of our players
  • Mob lairs and caches (creatures hide and protect their treasures)
  • Socket and rune system, customize and personalize your eq and tailor it to your playstyle
  • Planting Devaks allows special magical powers throughout the area
  • Full ANSI colour support
  • In-game Aliases
  • In-game Auto Quests
  • Immortal Run Quests
  • Unique Quest Points & Shops
  • Full clan support (clan-only housing, clan-only channels, clan-only boards, et al.)
  • Global boards and player mail (ship items to fellow players, write letters, post news stories for everyone to see, et al)
  • Player files and eq saved continuously
  • Dynamic map of Newbatia and Newbie school (watch yourself move around town, or help yourself find your guilds)
  • Multi-Classing from 9 diverse classes including a unique and highly coveted Avatar class
  • Five Continents & Three Islands
    • Valkyre [VK] (Newbie only Continent)
    • Thordfalan [BH]
      • The Island [Is]
    • Niebelung [SS]
    • Thule [AH]
    • Lyme [Ly] (High level only Continent)
      • Ch'ung Kuo [CK]
      • Irapuete [CG/Irap]
  • Over 450 skills and spells
  • Unique vault and housing system
  • Dynamic Channels
    • Newbie Channel
    • Auction Channel
    • Gossip Channel
    • Player created channels
  • Extended Socials and Commands list
  • Newbie School and Newbie Helpers (called Isatars)
  • Combat Arenas for those who enjoy Player vs Player (located on each continent)
  • Avatar Meta Shop
  • Forging, Enchanting, Brewing and Trading
  • Weekly Top 20 lists posted on web site including total exp, deaths, and gold
  • Live continent boards listing the top 25 most deadly creatures of that continent
  • MUDL-- A one of a kind internal programming language that allows Immortals to continually create a dynamic and challenging experience

Star Wars: Jedi vs Sith

on Saturday, 12 October 2013. Posted in Sci-Fi, Complete List

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Star Wars: Jedi vs Sith

Star Wars: Jedi vs Sith is a highly expanded SWR based MUD that has been in development since 2005. Many changes have been made to make gaming as in-depth as possible. We have also recently underwent changes that make the game more RPG-like. We have a custom Account system that allows players to centralize all of their characters and earn points to create new and more powerful races.

The Galaxy mostly revolves around the era during the Star Wars movies. There are many planets to explore as well as starsystems. Players can also do automatic quests that involve retrieving lost items or killing dangerous criminals. Instances are also available for players to do which have their own unique quests and rewards.

Players can choose from many classes, including the new Technician class. Technicians are responsible for ship maintenance as well as constructing new ships. Engineers are also an important class that allows players to create new and more powerful equipment for themselves or others.

If you are a fan of Star Wars, drop by and create a character and join in on the adventures that await. You won't be disappointed!
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