Shattered Isles

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Shattered Isles
Shattered Isles is a medieval-themed fantasy world where vast oceans have separated Archai into five inhabited island regions. Four of the large islands represent each of the worlds elements: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. Located centrally is the fifth isle, New Archai--the melting pot of the world. In Shattered Isles there are 16 different races from which to choose: one of four different Elven races severed by The Great Shattering, Dragons, Wyverns, Dwarves, Goblins, Gargoyles, Humans, a giant canine race known as Vukasins, faerie-like Sylphs, a giant humanoid race known as the Argali with horns much like a ram, giant Gavial lizards, and the Bolinau, a race of bipedal river creatures; think Otter meets Hobbit. The player classes consist of Air-mages, Earth-mages, Fire-mages, Water-mages, Thieves, Assassins, Scouts, Barbarians, Warriors, Templars, and Priests. The merchant system of Shattered Isles is a huge aspect of the world. All players regardless of class have the opportunity to learn most gathering skills and some basic crafting skills. Even more crafting skills are available to those who portray their character as a merchant and have paid proper dues to the Archai Trading Company. Player merchants may purchase shops for buying and selling goods and are entitled to custom orders throughout the year. Role play is strictly enforced by a dedicated and available staff, while conflict and fighting between players is always encouraged! What you wont find in Shattered Isles are flashing colors, annoying Out Of Character channels that take away from the environment, having to track down your dead and looted body, or a MUD straight out of the box with nothing unique to offer. In Shattered Isles weve spent more time than we would like to admit focusing on the smallest of details. We take pride in providing a world in which you can truly immerse yourself.

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