FluxWorld, a different type of MUD implementation

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23 Dec 2016 22:14 - 23 Dec 2016 22:15 #1 by Centauri
The main Flux listing is here here
FluxWorld was designed as a simulation, and a VR to see how things run in such an environment. As such, its not a 'game' in a traditional sense.
As a space colonization enthusiast, I wanted to understand how much of certain minerals could be mined over time, and what the expected outputs could be. This then developed into power systems and the effects of various power sources and loads and those effects on the grid. This sim nature continued into orbits of the moons and planets of this system. The importance of economic ideas soon sprang up. buying, selling, stocks, businesses, even crafting of clothing, armor and weapons and other ways for people to make money.
There are real numbers behind many actions and what goes on. Mining and processing stores the chemicals, food is grown that we eat, animals are raised, grow to maturity, and die. Resources are used to build things, money is involved all over.
There is a lot of exploration and getting to know the place, but unique and interesting things all along the way. Many types of vehicles allow for varied ways to travel and explore. Sometimes outside events can affect things: weather, events in space, etc.
Building is allowed, but not being actively searched for, and only building within the theme and flavor of the existing structure.
We do love the sim nature of things, and look to simulating interesting things.
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