Sci-Fi, Complete List

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FluxWorld is a Futuristic Space Port and City set some 300+ years in the future on a far away planet. Expect some alien artifacts to be laying around (if not some aliens themselves).

The FluxWorld SpacePort is just the beginning, and there are many areas just beyond that. Terrains include all the known types and weather.
There are areas that are accessible by ships on the rivers, as well as access by air and space. The space station in orbit as well as our two moons and other planets are some examples.

We have player and creature kill, bots that just converse, wearable clothing, mining, crafting, repairs to devices on the electrical grid and more.

There are puzzle areas, Quests, Rune Gathering, and some special RP areas.

The higher level social aspect involves the players directing what happens to some extent.

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