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Time travel today!

Be the HERO of a time travel adventure!

Imagine you exist in a world where time has begun to collide, where past meets the future, and neither will be the same again.

High magic and future technology collide in one of the foremost MUDs of its class.

Explore a magical past, time-travel in a cyberpunk future, and transcend to planes of divinity. 

Play as a dual-class character: rangers, cyborgs, paladins, physicists, bards, mercenaries, and many more. 

Explore the free, open-world, multi-user time travel adventure game. Danger, power, and glory await!

The players and immortals of TempusMUD invite you to alter their world.  Join the fun! PLAY NOW

The Savage Soul

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The Savage Soul

A skill-based mud set in a magic-rich, zombie-ridden, post-apocalyptic future. Devastated by a full-scale nuclear exchange and transformed by a gene-altering virus, the dark landscape of 2195 Detroit is home to monsters, magic, and dazzling technology. Player characters in the form of barbaric mutants, powerful sorcerers, worldly Zisters, 21st Century Sleepers, androids, robotoids, undead Shamblers, and cannibalistic Morlocks will struggle for survival against a nightmarish world and each other.

Wayfar 1444

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Wayfar 1444

Wayfar 1444 is a text based online multiplayer game. You are a colonist, sent to the surface of an alien world with a few basic supplies. Join up with other colonists, or plot against them, while surviving and building a self sufficient colony.

Wayfar features a procedurally generated galaxy, a distinctive dice pool combat system, hacking, robots, aircraft, vehicles, starships, buildings, detailed crafting, easy to understand english command syntax, and a friendly admin staff.
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