Transformers: The Dark Eras MUSH

Sci-Fi, Complete List

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Transformers: The Dark Eras MUSH

War has erupted in full on Cybertron once again. In the wake of the corrupt Senate's fall, Optimus Prime aims to rebuild society by creating a new system of government that he promises will not follow in the footsteps of the former leadership's unscrupulous ways. But will the new Prime simply turn into another one of his predecessors over time? What will he do about the ever-diminishing supply of energon? 
Now, Megatron has returned from exile and re-assumed command of the Decepticons, vowing to topple Prime’s new world order and establish his own world of peace and equality. What will you choose? Will you stand with Optimus Prime and work to restore order to Cybertron, or will you join the Decepticons and strive to tear it down? 
Will you stand alone?
Make your choice now. 

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