Referring from one published module to another

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22 Sep 2020 08:28 #1 by aldie
Sorry if I asked this before or it has already been answered, but I could not find it.

Adding an 'Mud-init.js' module following instructions and the Bedlam-init.js example works well. However,
I'm wondering: if I have a new fancy module published, like 'NewFancy.js' can I somehow refer to it or have it
included when my Mud and 'Mud-init.js' is accessed?

I mean, sure, I can include the source of NewFancy literally into Mud-init. But it would be easier to maintain and be more modular somehow just to refer to this module and include it. If I officially publish more than one .js file for my muds name and port, will they all be loaded on automatic? In which order?

Thanks for any advice.

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