End of Time - Level Cap Raise & Massive Content Addition

09 Jul 2016 01:46 #1 by Hades_Kane
The level cap is official level 80!

With that comes a whole lot of new content.

For many of you, that will mean being able to level up to be able to navigate and survive already open areas, including Desert of Scorching Heat, Imperisal Desert Camp, Moonlight Forest, Moonlight City Mintos, Denadoro Mountains, Beast Kingdom Castle, Evil Forest, Mount Pyre, Dragonia, and eventually Forgotten City, Mt. Gagazet, and Icicle Inn.

Official new content that was previously completely unavailable includes: Wutai Ruins, the Kingdom of Zeal (Enhasa, Kajar, the Palace, the Palace Dungeon, the Blackbird, Sun Palace & North Palace), the Floating Continent, Heckran Cave and Besaid Temple. This brings us to a total of over 156 completed and accessible areas!

The secrets to accessing many of these areas lie within the temples of Kilika and Besaid, and later down the road, the Reptite Lair.

With this also comes 15 levels of additional class content. Many of these haven't seen extensive, long term testing, so the balance may be off on much of these skills, so please give ample feedback as you obtain and have time to really get into those.

This is the most significant content update since we opened class promotion and the areas that came after, and this is likely to be the biggest content update for some time down the road. There's a lot of things in the level 1-80 game that we have now that still need to be added or finished, and focus is going to be placed squarely on filling out and finishing the game 100% up to level 80.

I'm personally extra excited to welcome everyone to the post level 65 game content, as this has been my focus and a bit of my pet project for the last few years, and this represents the completion and opening of some of my best work area-wise so I'm happy to finally be able to share several of these areas with you all.

End of Time is a Final Fantasy & Chrono series based MUD built on the ROM codebase with heavy modification. Prior knowledge or familiarity with the games is in no way necessary and most of the time affords no competitive advantage over other players.

We are a small community looking to build upon what we already have. The playerbase has been a bit thin lately, but with the addition of so much content we expect the numbers to rise throughout the remainder of the summer.

We have been in steady development for over a decade, so you will find a deeply original game with a lot of depth and content, and definitely a friendly atmosphere.

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-Diablos of End of Time, a Final Fantasy & Chrono Trigger based MUD looking for players & builders!
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