Legends of the Jedi NEW TIMELINE!

27 Jul 2015 15:48 - 27 Jul 2015 17:54 #1 by Xavious
It's that time again and Lotj has concluded yet another timeline! This last timeline lasted from April 2013 until July 2015 and ended in traditional Lotj fashion with an epic EoT (End of Timeline) conclusion. We have just opened up the doors after a 3 day wizlock to create the new theme for this upcoming timeline that features the Republic and Trade Federation.

Era 1 tends to be the most exciting era of a timeline as all of our old time players return and our player base soars (Current max so far since opening is 80 player). It is a great time to welcome new players and we've had quite a few join recently in fact. After an EoT there is a pwipe and the entire game world is reset, so there is ample opportunity to find other players to quest with since we are all starting from scratch.

For more information about Lotj, here's my own personal account of what Lotj has to offer: www.mudconnect.com/SMF/index.php?topic=79210

Lotj website: www.legendsofthejedi.com
Connect through mudportal: www.mudportal.com/play?host=legendsofthejedi.com&port=5656

In other news.. I've been working on a client for Lotj which has had great reviews from our player base. Currently the client is made using MUSHclient, but I plan to work on a Mudlet version soon for all you Mac and Linux users

Client can be downloaded here: www.github.com/xavious/lotjclient

Screen shots:
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