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09 Feb 2019 15:35 #1 by EmberOnline
New class event was created by EmberOnline
Ember Online GMUD – Graphical Multi User Dungeon

Huge changes coming to Ember Online! Three new classes and three new races will be coming in addition to our current selection. For a short time a world event is being held for leveling with big bonus given to winners of the event.

For those of you who have never visited Ember Online, it is a graphical MUD with a custom client. It is a classic dungeon fantasy based and world PvP enabled.

Here is what we think sets us apart from other MUDS/GMUDS
• Daily PvP/Pve staff run events! Where you can earn points to buy the most powerful equipment
• Over 40 daily and weekly quests for those with limited time but still want great progression and rewards!
• New dungeons, areas, and bosses introduced regularly
• Game progression available through different avenues (PVP, PVE, quests, grinding)
• Fun combat environment that encourages a mix of different races, classes, divinities, and skills.
• Active community, Rich world full of detailed stories, and artwork
• Graphical MUD interface that allows different ways to play the game
• Regular updates (Dev Change Log)
• Active developers willing to discuss game changes
• Game balance regularly analyzed and tweaked
• Player feedback encouraged and implemented where appropriate
• Strong anti-corruption measures to ensure no unfair advantages
Current Event:

Housing and Premium
-Guild and Player housing
-Mystery wheel spins with over 50 companions (pet that follows you) and masks(change your pic) as well as huge gold and exp boosters.
-The ability to change names, genders, items, and pictures

Class Skills

-Three NEW classes being released soon
-Three NEW races being added
-All player input welcome
-Assassin: Sneak and back stab for high damage
-Barbarian: Rage damage
-Bard: Sing many songs to improve game play
-Cleric: Elite heal spells
-Druid: Morph into animals
-Knight: Smash and Strike (Focus Point Combo Skills)
-Monk: Extra attack with Roundhouse
-Necromancer: Life stealing and undead
-Paladin: Protect the weak
-Rangers: Stronger pets and bow criticals
-Sorcerer: Elite elemental damage
-Thieves: Traps (Damage, Bind, Sensor)

New Equipment
-Introduction of gloves, boots, rings, amulets
-Various new armor and weapon loot drops

Event Updates
-The Squire event is already ongoing
-Three NEW classes being introduced
-Three NEW races being added
-Three NEW classes being added
-New Crystal Smash event area
-New Arena The Marsh
-Updated Best Bandit thief only event area

PvE updates
-New Dragon world walker events
-Collect items to gain the most powerful items
-Totally revamped new player tutorial zone and starting quests
-35+ New daily quests(including weekly boss quests)
-Multiple new boss areas
-Various new roaming mini bosses

Updated Client Interface
-Second window for monitoring all chat and buffs/debuffs
-World/Trade/New Player chat channels

Coming soon:
-Crafting Professions
-NEW classes and races

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10 Apr 2019 16:08 #2 by tomekToits
Replied by tomekToits on topic Hello. My name is Tomek from Poland.
hello everyone, i am Tomek from Poland.

Hmmm, i am developer from 17 years. I would to help.

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12 Apr 2019 17:29 #3 by tomekToits
Replied by tomekToits on topic i decided to register now. repair a bug
For a long time I was just an observer. In the end I decided to register :)
I would help. I cant see logo. You need to repair it problably.

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13 Apr 2019 08:25 #4 by tomekToits
Replied by tomekToits on topic admin contact please
I think the site needs updating. Can you please contact the admin?

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