To anyone looking for a unique mud experience.

06 Apr 2016 00:35 #1 by Bylar
I am an avid mudder, and I joined 7th plane back in 2011. I have since spent countless hours (Both alone and with other players) exploring the depths this game has to offer. With so much Player VS Environment thrown at you... burning, drowning, lightning strikes, tornadoes, etc. And an amazing code for NPC AI, this game is wonderful for both the solo adventurer, and someone who likes to tag along with others. So many timed quests, events, and an amazing crafting system for forging your own gear, armor, and items... This world has had my heart since I started years ago. I always keep coming back because there's always something new to try. Unrestricted PVP, but there is no penalty for death, no looting corpses, and most players are there to enjoy the game and the environment, not seek you out and destroy you. So come give it a try. The class, subclass, and genre system is pretty interesting. Wanna be a mage? Fine. If you decide later that maybe melee is more your style, class as a warlock. A mage who can wield a staff and some crazy runic weaponry that puts you at an advantage in the melee spectrum. Class as a monk? If you get tired of melee no problem. You can subclass as a priest, and get access to most mage spells and some insane aura chant skills that buff your stats by huge amounts. There are literally thousands of hours to be spent searching, exploring, making friends, and wandering the depths of this crazy place. Come try it out.


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