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The Big Introduction Thread

12 Dec 2014 06:48 #21 by Ashlan
Replied by Ashlan on topic The Big Introduction Thread
Hi maties, I'm going by Ashlan right now. I'm trying to learn javascript and node and so I'm going to be playing with the havoc game engine :) I'm making a bunch of Narnia references in the MUD I'm working on which will be an rp-pvp game called Encarnia.

My background is of course many years of mudding, mostly on Simutronics and Iron Realms.

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13 Jan 2015 11:01 #22 by Eicca
Replied by Eicca on topic The Big Introduction Thread
Hello everybody, I am Juanjo from Spain and i'm happy to find this amazing client.
In this moment I'm a dev in a spanish mud called Reinos de Leyenda, and we were looking for a web client for a long time, now we're gonna try to use this. I'm gonna learn js and I hope to contribute in a small way.

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  • zaimus
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02 Mar 2015 20:08 - 02 Mar 2015 23:09 #23 by zaimus
Replied by zaimus on topic The Big Introduction Thread
"We are Zaimus!"

The first MUD experience was in 1994 or 95 when the dial-up company AOL started hosting a slew of text games -- Gemstone III, Dragon Realms, Legends of Terris, etc.. As a kid I played Dragon Warrior, Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy back on the NES, so when I found that people were making text based roleplaying games, it blew me away! (It's like living in a fantasy novel! Whoa! :woohoo: )

Terris was my first real love, as it was the most kid-user friendly, and seemed to have some sort of magic about it. (Looking back, it was pretty evil to have MUDs offered on an hourly rate dial-up network!) Sometime later, a couple of immortals from there and I retired to begin working on a new world to be called Lunamyr, but then the head guy had a baby and disappeared.

Eventually, I found a place called Abandoned Codex, which usually had 1-3 immortals and maybe one or two other players online, but usually it was just me. Occasionally a new player would pop up, and I'd try desperately to roleplay with them, and some would begin to stay around. At the same time, I was recruiting friends to come in and play. Around this time it was decided to make me an immortal to oversee roleplaying, conduct quests and do some light building. We eventually got around 20-30 players if memory serves, and I think the max was 47 (?). After a falling out with the coder/owner over creative differences, I became a renegade player there for a little while, still engaged in the roleplay progression I had helped start, before fizzling out.

Next, I joined The Builder's Academy, being quite impressed with the devotion put toward general staff training for MUDs. I also played and worked a bit on their player's port (-- I think it was called Cruel World). Eventually, I became Rumble's stand in, while he went on an extended absence. With IRL getting increasingly in the way, I fizzled out on TBA and MUDing in general.

Some years later, I had found out about CoffeeMud, and found an awesome project called Throes of Creation headed by an exceptionally bright and talented coder, Mabus. We had a slowly growing player base, (though still in alpha,) but it began to shrink along with us builders becoming less active, so it was taken offline. Mabus said he would bring it back after working on it alone for awhile, and I still hope it does come back.

More years passed, and with a whole lot of free time suddenly, and the urge to get back into writing, I spent about six months since last year, searching over the wasteland of the MUD community. The majority of places that seemed interesting enough to warrant a log-in almost always quickly disappointed me and more than half the time, didn't get me past character creation -- the initial room. Not to say these games, (some of which boast incredible stats and have good sized player communities,) were bad, they just failed to win me over.

Eventually, while lurking / trolling around on The Mud Connector, I ran into an ad about a graphical MUD in development, checked it out, and found a little magic inside, bringing me back to a feeling when first discovering MUDs. It's been in development for the past few years, but is still far from being content full or polished enough for a player base to grow. The coder / owner is a really nice, caring sort of fellow, who used to be an EverQuest addict. Now I have taken on the role of editor, consultant and contributor for this project which intrigues me with its potential.

There is a new generation of players who have grown up on graphical MMORPGs, smartphone apps, Harry Potter and LOTR movies and fantasy books. I have a feeling / theory that it may be a good chance for the MUD community to make a comeback, but we got to make games that can appeal to this younger generation, who haven't really had that magical experience that can only be had by interacting with a person's imagination in a way that a purely graphical game cannot. We are seeking to create something new and original, but familiar to old and young alike, addictive but with substantive content and an experience of quality over simple stat boasting.

If you'd care to take a look around, please come over to domdaria.com . I'm not trying to advertise us, per se, just yet. However, any like minded individual who is interested in such a project or just interested in chatting in-between idling, please do not hesitate to come on over!

My apologies for such a long winded post. It would be just amazing if any of you are connected to the games I've mentioned above, maybe we even knew each other under different guises. It's a small world after all. ;)

Thank you if you have read all this nonsense!! I owe you a beer, or at least a high-five.
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16 Mar 2015 17:02 #24 by Xodz
Replied by Xodz on topic The Big Introduction Thread
Sup! my name is Xodz. Mudding since 2003-ish. before that just playing jrpg's on SNES roms i got off irc server channels which allowed xdcc. Most recently raised 5,000usd for charity on my Twitch livestreams. Currently a developer for a popular gaming community, seeking the right technologies and projects.

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12 May 2015 19:03 #25 by arholly
Replied by arholly on topic The Big Introduction Thread
Hi, I'm Arholly and I've been mudding since the early 90's in an on and off fashion. Most recently I've grabbed a copy of d20mud from Gicker and am working on moving it to the pathfinder system. I'm a beginner level coder who knows enough to be dangerous ;) . Yeah, that's about it. Oh, and I'm thinking of making this my home instead of TMC because it seems to be a "better" place.

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24 May 2015 22:02 #26 by Brody
Replied by Brody on topic The Big Introduction Thread

I'm Brody, and I've been MU*ing since the mid-1990s. I started OtherSpace in 1998 and I'm happy to report that it's still alive and kicking as we prepare to take the game back to the future - a reset to 2650, after the original story arc that started it all.

In the real world, I've worked as a professional journalist at The St. Petersburg Times and The Herald-Sun in Durham. I also helped develop the Fallen Earth post-apocalyptic MMORPG, which launched in 2009. And these days I'm the lead writer/designer on a single-player adventure for Prologue Games called Knee Deep, which launches this summer.

Happy to have found MUDPortal!

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27 May 2015 12:36 #27 by fstltna
Replied by fstltna on topic The Big Introduction Thread
Hi my name is Marisa and I have been in and out of the MUD scene since the 90's. I am a self-employed game developer with over 20 games in the AppStore for the iPad and 3 for the iPhone. I have also been developing multiuser text games since the Amiga days and I have two that I am supporting/developing now called Empire and Imperium. Empire is like Risk and Imperium is set in space and is also a Empire-Like strategy game. I have Imperium listed here and you can find out more about my games at EmpireDirectory.net - they are all free & opensource!

--- PocketMUD.com - Support and hosting for the CoffeeMUD engine
--- MekCity.com - The BattletechMUX game server

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02 Jun 2015 18:01 #28 by Jeshin
Replied by Jeshin on topic The Big Introduction Thread

I am Jeshin and I've been staffing and playing text-based games for 10+ years now. I am currently the Owner of Project Redshift which is a sci-fi game that is in development on the Evennia engine . I am also the Founder of a text-based gaming community called Optional Realities which is focused on roleplay games and providing education and tools for future developers to make next-gen quality MUDs. I've been around the "RPI" circuit a few times and I pretty much believe that text-based gaming still has a very bright future it will just take projects like MudPortal and Evennia and others that are equally trying to bring our genre into modern times.

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13 Jun 2015 15:22 - 01 Oct 2015 05:07 #29 by Centauri
Replied by Centauri on topic The Big Introduction Thread
I have been known as Centauri ever since about 1986, when I discovered BBS's in Seattle. The ones I really liked were not menu based, rather, it was something called Citadel. Citadel was mostly like todays forums, when people logged on and added comments to previous visitors, except this happened in each "room" on the system.

I only found out much later that Citadel BBS was based on a unix MUD. The limitations of 250 rooms max and only rooms and hallways for connecting directions, was all I had to work with back in 1986, as I ran my own for 3 years and started changing code.

Forward the time to 2005, when I re-discovered MUDs and found LambdaMOO. Object Oriented, a programmers playground, now here was something I could work with. Of course, I did not have wizard abilities on Lambda, and with quota restrictions, could only build so much, so I decided to download the sorceforge for the server software and played on my own. What I built is what I WANTED to build way back when in the late 1980s.

Flux has always been a toy for me to simulate space exploration and colonization, as I mine and convert minerals to the raw elements over time, grow food, explore the effects of different G forces via the spin of space stations, and move the planets and asteroids themselves in space over time. Thats the core. Over time I have added toys to keep the players guessing, mostly some quests and other puzzles, like Scavenger hunts (serial acquisition of objects), and rune gathering (need each of the 7 types, in any order) plus lots of places to just hang out, enjoy the scenery and chat.

Its been ten years now, and things are always changing, as a mix of what I want to sim next, plus toys the players, as the playerbase has been growing. As always, if I can think of a new thing to try in the code or in new ways to make one object appear like another through interesting messages, it happens. Beleive it or not, even though Flux is not a "game" in the strictest sense, I do have a following.

My FluxWorld web portal and Real-time Planet Positions

Last edit: 01 Oct 2015 05:07 by Centauri. Reason: Main Web server address changed

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16 Jul 2015 22:22 #30 by penguin
Replied by penguin on topic The Big Introduction Thread
My name is penguin I have been on muds since 97 where I hoped around abit and found Waterdeep. I have been there and many other places since. I like a good hack and slash based in cool environment. I have gotten to know a lot about forgotten realms and nerd life in general playing muds.

Things like social media and even commercial games dont give me the control over my story or literal control over my actions that real time muds can provide. I am a developer for bioinformatics in my normal day but I love problem solving and forming new connections you can form through text.

waterdeep.org 4200

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01 Sep 2015 13:45 #31 by Molly
Replied by Molly on topic The Big Introduction Thread
Hi, I äm Molly O'Hara, and I'm a Mud addict.

I started out in a Mud called Age of Chivalry, which is dead and buried since many years.

This was back around 1996, when I was stuck on a job in Berlin, away from family and friends, and started messing around with the company computer after business hours.

After a short carreer as professional Troublemaker in AoC, I was recruited by one of the Staff there to a new Mud called 4 Dimensions.
In spite of my past, I advanced pretty quickly in the ranks, became Head Builder and eventually ended up paying the server bills, which I guess makes me the owner of 4D nowadays.

It's fascinating - and a bit frightening - to realise that I'm still at it, and that 4D is still up and running after so many years...
Text Muds may be slowly dying, but we're not dead yet!

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03 Sep 2015 04:15 #32 by tandonmiir
Replied by tandonmiir on topic The Big Introduction Thread
Hey all!

I started MUDding when I was in elementary school on " The Land of the Lost Unicorn " (aka LUN) with classmates.
I've also had a few characters in " Clandestine " back in the day.
I really found a home at " The Realm of Utopian Dreams " (aka RUD). I've joined the staff there (come say hi)

Thank you so much happy to chat!
The following user(s) said Thank You: Naelar_dragon

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04 Sep 2015 05:13 #33 by Naelar_dragon
Replied by Naelar_dragon on topic The Big Introduction Thread
Also enjoying this vey much. I used to play LUN and it was sad to see it go. Rud is now my new home. Come along and say hello to the reams one and only Orange dragon. Imms are cool and if you want to rekindle or try your hands at a fantastic retro MUD then this is the place to look :)

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25 Dec 2015 12:20 #34 by Kurdock
Replied by Kurdock on topic The Big Introduction Thread

I'm Iain, and I go by the username 'Kurdock' in most MUDs I've played. Now I don't really MUD jump a lot - I've found my perfect home in Avalon RPG. (avalon-rpg.com:23) I try very hard to promote Avalon and I hope you'd give it a try too :D Anyway hello guys I heard about mudportal.com on Top Mud Sites and yeah.

More about me personally: I'm 13 years old and I come from Malaysia. Okay I think that was enough of a shock for you guys any more and you'd die of heart attack and the MUD world certainly wouldn't benefit from losing you guys lol.

So well I started MUDding when I saw Aardwolf on the Google Play Store. It seemed interesting so I gave it a try and I was kinda addicted to it for a few days. I was like, 'Wow, why hasn't anyone told me about this before'. Eventually I discovered that Aardwolf was under a genre of games called "MUDs". For a few months I jumped from MUD to MUD, stopping across various MUDs including, but not limited to, New Worlds Ateraan, Achaea (and all the Iron Realms games) , BatMUD, Alter Aeon, Carrion Fields and hundreds more. Finally I came across Avalon RPG, which surprisingly was ranked rather lowly in most MUD sites, and so here I am. I've played Avalon for 2 months and I never get tired of it. Legion warfare, fierce and emotional PvP, city and guild politics, over 500 quests. There's always something to do. :D

Anyway thats enough for now I hope you guys will try Avalon out one day.

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31 Jan 2016 09:53 #35 by bozimmerman
Replied by bozimmerman on topic The Big Introduction Thread

I'm mostly a mud coder and occasional admin over at coffeemud.net. I do play about once a week. I've been slowly leveling a Druid over there for about 15 years. Well, very slowly, I guess. My admins name over there is 'Zac', so if you stop by and mention mudportal, I'll give you a cookie. :)

I don't know how long mudportal has been around, but somehow I missed it. Glad to have found it though.

- Bo Zimmerman

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02 May 2016 02:54 - 02 May 2016 02:56 #36 by pawnmower
Replied by pawnmower on topic The Big Introduction Thread

This site looks great and you all have done a nice job with it!

I'm from End of the Line (EOTL) (eotl.org 2010). I came across this site from google just googling some LPC resources....In any case...the work you have done is so fantastic...! I cannot wait to share this site with some friends! Anyhow I have been mudding a lot lately.....and was not aware this site was in existence. I live in California USA, and enjoy mainly LP muds.

Hope to chat and MUD with you all soon!
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