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The Big Introduction Thread

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11 Aug 2013 02:55 #1 by Idealiad
The Big Introduction Thread was created by Idealiad
Hey all, greetings. Since I don't see any introduction threads here yet, and I always like one big keep it rolling hundreds of posts intro thread, here it is. We will crush all resistance under this ironclad juggernaut of an introduction thread! Or something like that.

I'm George, been mudding for 15+ years...I think my first mud was Lost Souls. The last mud I really got into was ConQUEST (sadly on hiatus). Though my computer game time these days is mostly taken up with chess (go Lichess!) if I see an interesting-looking mud come up I'll always check it out. I don't really have a genre preference -- I just like to play fun and interesting games.

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11 Aug 2013 06:02 - 11 Aug 2013 06:08 #2 by Tijer
Replied by Tijer on topic The Big Introduction Thread
My names Matt.. i have been mudding since 1996, mainly in the GodWars genre. My first MUD i played Vampire Wars (because KaVirs GodWars was down!) , have been running muds since 1997, several key MUDs in my MUDding carreer are: GodWars: Apocalypse (created in 1997, and still running has a severe lack of players and code changes (godwars.net 6660)) Legend of Chrystancia (ran from 1999 - 2007), Legends of Hatred (Started this in 2011, was originally based on sme old GW code but now since 2012 have a coder who's converted the mud to C++ and has integrated MySQL (godwars.net 3500). I have worked, and helped numerous people in the GodWars genre. I also run www.godwars.net forums, and a free Mudhosting service @ godwars.net

Have just put a link from my site to here :)
Last edit: 11 Aug 2013 06:08 by Tijer.

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11 Aug 2013 08:58 #3 by mpvmud
Replied by mpvmud on topic The Big Introduction Thread
Well I am Jake or Kilith, and I have been a part of the mudding community since late 1995. I have tried many different codes out there from Diku, Circle, Merc, GodWars, ect ect... but the code I most fell in love with is a Diku/Merc derivative called EmlenMud. One of the best PK codes I have ever played.

In 1996 I started to play on a mud called Void of Reality, not knowing much of the mud world at this time and being brought to muds through friends, I fell in love with this mud (You know we all have our first muds we loved), I ended up trying other muds of the same code base Lands of Chaos, Rites of Passage, and then found Altross where I became a builder for the first time in late 1996. Well spent some time on that mud building for a while and decided I would not mind trying to build my own mud. I got a copy of the EmlenMud code and put it up and not more then maybe 2 weeks or so the owner of Void of Reality told me to drop my mud and host his. Being Void of Reality was my first love, I did just that.

Well here I am 19 years later and still messing around with mud code on and off, still building and tweaking areas, and playing muds.

mpvmud.org port 7777

Void of Reality
mpvmud.org port 7777

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12 Aug 2013 15:54 #4 by Shaitan
Replied by Shaitan on topic The Big Introduction Thread
My name is Adam. I've been mudding since the mid 90's. My first mud was a commercial mud that ran on dial-up bulletin board systems called MajorMUD. The other mud I spent a lot of time at was an off-shoot of DarkeMUD called Daybreak Ridge which are/were both darkelib LPC muds. The main feature that made them interesting was random Rolemaster style combat messages.

I'm currently working on a web-based (no telnet) re-implementation of MajorMUD that blends MajorMUD's world with features from darkelib muds and other more modern modern games (e.g. the way protection from armor is calculated is far more similar to a game like Diablo III than it is to D&D).

I'm nearing feature parity with MajorMUD and once I've reached that the next phase of the project will be extracting and open-sourcing the engine. I want it to be the diku / circle / etc for web based muds.

If you want to check it out or chat just point your favorite browser at apathydrive.com . (Unless your favorite browser is Internet Explorer.)

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12 Aug 2013 20:03 #5 by SISNAEK
Replied by SISNAEK on topic The Big Introduction Thread
Hi I'm Snaek. I primarily follow discussions on topmudsites, but always looking to find others that share the same passion as I do for gaming. I started with a MUD called Dragon's Gate on AOL in highschool. Fell in love with the limitless creativity and haven't stopped since. That game went down in I think 2003 or 4, and I bounced through several others until 2008.

I took the plunge into my own creation, Shattered Isles, in 09/2008. My extent of coding was making triggers in zmud, so I obivously had a lot to learn. Still the creation process has absolutely been worth it. It's great fleshing out ideas with an online community and I hope this becomes another outlet for that.

I'm sure it will take me some time to get used to checking here on a regular basis, but here's to starting!

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15 Aug 2013 19:16 #6 by ww_crimson
Replied by ww_crimson on topic The Big Introduction Thread
Hi Folks,

My name is Adam and I've been mudding since 98 or so.. started quite young. The only MUD I've ever seriously played is Aarchon, as I just never could develop an interest in any other MUD that I tried. I played as a mortal for 5-6 years before I was added to the builder staff. Administration/ownership changed over the years and the population dwindled down before we eventually went offline in 09 I think it was. In 2011 I was able to piece together enough of the MUD to get it back online. Two years later we now have a full staff and healthy player base. I cut my teeth on coding here on Aarchon with the help of a RL friend/current staff member. Neither of us had much experience coding at the time but we made things work. I've moved out of a coding role into a mortal relations / head builder role now.

To this day, there aren't really any modern games that hold my attention quite the same as a MUD. I'm happy to see the MUD community continuing to work together on things.

www.aarchonmud.com : 7000

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20 Aug 2013 23:08 #7 by Ateraan
Replied by Ateraan on topic The Big Introduction Thread
I'm the head administrator of New Worlds Ateraan. Love what is being done here and hope the we can contribute!


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25 Sep 2013 15:24 #8 by rudeboyrave
Replied by rudeboyrave on topic The Big Introduction Thread
Hello all, Ryan (Bosstone) from cyberassault mud here. love this site!

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01 Nov 2013 10:56 #9 by Christopher Bailey
Replied by Christopher Bailey on topic The Big Introduction Thread
Hi everyone, I'm Chris! I've been involved with the MUD scene as either a player or developer since 1997. I'm excited to see the community is still thriving and that steps are being taken to keep MUDs relevant. I look forward to getting a listing up on this site as soon as I push into an open state.

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02 Nov 2013 23:29 #10 by RahjIII
Replied by RahjIII on topic The Big Introduction Thread
Hi, I'm Jeff. I've been running The Last Outpost since '92.

We've had our own basic in-browser telnet client online for about year now, and it's been very successful. I know that some players really enjoy the traditional 'mud client' type interface over telnet, so I'm thrilled to be able to point them to mudportal for that!

Its always good to find another way for people to connect to the game. Great project!

The Last Outpost

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18 Nov 2013 20:45 #11 by dark acacia
Replied by dark acacia on topic The Big Introduction Thread
I'm dark acacia. Ask me anything.

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05 Dec 2013 15:20 #12 by acer
Replied by acer on topic The Big Introduction Thread
My name's Jason, I've been in the MUDing scene since '96. I'm one of the admins of DarkWind (darkwind.org 3000). We're a completely custom LP MUD that's been around forever. Come check us out!

I'm loving mudportal so far, and what's going on here. I'm interested to see how it moves forward, and how I can help!

-Jason / Acer
darkwind.org 3000

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23 Dec 2013 07:08 #13 by d00s
Replied by d00s on topic The Big Introduction Thread
Hi everyone!

I love places like these, getting mudders together.

I started mudding over 17 years ago. Deeper Trouble, was the first MUD i went to, and i fell in love, so i've been playing there ever since.
Today i have friends all over the world, and even though i am from Denmark, we have had multiple visits from the US throughout the years.

Come visit, if you'd like to experience a genuine fast paced Hack'n'Slash MUD.
deepertrouble.org 4242

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25 Feb 2014 14:56 #14 by Breezy
Replied by Breezy on topic The Big Introduction Thread
HI :)

I'm Eboni, better known (or not, since I'm a lurker) as realedazed or Breezy on the other mud boards. I am an avid RP and crafting type on the games I play. I've been MUDing since the '90s, i think and I wish I had time to get back into it.

I am still dabbling in building my own mud, using Dead Souls.

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02 Mar 2014 09:49 #15 by MrWigggles
Replied by MrWigggles on topic The Big Introduction Thread

My name is Mr. Wiggles. I've been Mu*ing since the early oughts. I got brought in and trained up as a builder for a friends mu*, that never open and then nother friend got me started on Dragonball Z: Chronicles, who then promptly left.

And since then, I've been staffing and playing every since. Until I open up my first mu*, called Naruto Rivilary Mush, which is still going strong.

Being a headwizard for the first time, burned me out on mu* for two years.

Currently involved in 3 projects.

My personal mu*, is called Navitas: The City Limits. Its urban fantasy place. Its based mostly on the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. I also throw in some elements from Warehouse 13 and SCP Wikia.

I'm also working on Dragonball A# (pronounce A Sharp), and Bleach: Memento Mori.

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04 Mar 2014 12:15 #16 by Griatch
Replied by Griatch on topic The Big Introduction Thread
Hi folks,

Got pointed here by on our devs. This is a nice and modern site, an initiative worth supporting!

I'm the lead dev of the evennia Python mud deveopment system, something which consumes the most of my MU* time. Most of my community interaction takes place over in evennia's IRC dev-chat.

Outside evennia, I prefer gaming in games with heavy-roleplaying and in game systems where playing a non-combat character is a viable thing (hack&slash was never my thing).

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11 May 2014 23:08 #17 by Kosh
Replied by Kosh on topic The Big Introduction Thread
My turn!

I'm Kosh.. been MU*ing since 95/96 where I started on TOS TrekMUSE. Stick mainly to MUSH/MUX-based games. I go by the moniker of Morin on many games past and present. I ran the last incarnation of Babylon 5 MUSH in the mid 2000's. Most games I play on are Science Fiction related (including Star Wars, Star Trek, Otherspace, etc...).

Nice place you got going here. I'll be sure to stick around and contribute where I can :)


M*U*S*H: Morin

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13 Sep 2014 15:09 #18 by Kimojuno
Replied by Kimojuno on topic The Big Introduction Thread
I have been playing M* games since around '94/'95. I have played on a variety of M* codebases, including Tiny*, Smaug, Roms, MUSHes, MUXes, and others.

I remember playing Rom-based games, being used to black and white, and then seeing color when moving onto Smaug games and being 'blown away' by how colorful it was.

Looking back, it's kind of funny, considering the type of MUDs/MUSHes that exist now, but back then it was a sort of 'Wow, that's so cool', moment.

I have been a staff member on a variety of M* games, and have played a variety as well, from World of Darkness games, Star Trek games, Star Wars games, some talkers, and other various games.

Anyway, that's about it. :)

Kimojuno (Jeffrey).

www.newhopemush.com : 9999
Star Trek based MUSH, using PennMUSH, and set in the Delta Quadrant.

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06 Oct 2014 16:01 #19 by Byzantine
Replied by Byzantine on topic The Big Introduction Thread

I am the head Staff member for Dark Ages: Vampire. It is an oWoD game focused on Mummy. I am joking it is focused on Vampires. I started MU*ing further back than I care to remember and have found it a fun hobby. I have played games ranging from D&D to Final Fantasy and of course World of Darkness games.

For me Mu*ing is a fun hobby and the internet is a great way to create gaming groups. To that end I have made a Mu* which exists to allow players to gather and run plots for one another in a persistent world. It is an ambitious goal which will likely end with a small game with a few players, yet it will remain a fun game. We have a mortal+ member of staff to handle adding physics and sorcerers to the game and are seeking out someone knowledgeable in Werewolf so that sphere may be open as well. If you would like to stop by and chat (or even play) please check the game out at: darkages.muxnexus.com 5555

Of course I would love to just chat with anyone here as well. We can swap stories on what drew us to Mu*ing, what is the best way to make homemade Alfrado sauce, and at what point did this post sound like it was part of an e-harmony ad.

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27 Nov 2014 03:24 #20 by dracmas
Replied by dracmas on topic The Big Introduction Thread
Chris here, or if I poof around looking at people's stuff sometimes, Dracmas.

I've been mudding on and off since 2005 and usually stick to the fantasy base muds. I tinker with clients every now and then, though mostly mudlet and mushclient. I haven't gotten to take a good look at mudportals webclient yet, but it's definitely on the to-do list. Also switch around looking at codebases looking for what I'd think would be the best tools to work on a mud with. Not much coding experience to be honest, but I do get my feet wet.

Other than that, discussing with my old mud to try to bring it out of it's recent retirement. Small mud, and yes still generic areas spread through it, but was my first and still favorite mud home, so that's the other reason I'm looking through codebases. When I can port the areas to a codebase I feel can do it more justice than what it has, then I'll be content (for a little while lol). If we do somehow get the game code to bring the game back, I'd rather use something that's more current and usable than ROM and add-ons (ghostmud). Been leading towards TBAmud, ACKmud's multi-class system, and using scripting to add a nice webclient, which can also hook into facebook for users to be able to use.

Long winded, but that's basically me and my mudding hobby. Sorry for getting carried away :P

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