Ideas for combat scenarios in a tactical combat game?

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08 Apr 2014 17:53 #1 by BigScary
Hi, everyone! Tohm development is slowly (but surely!) progressing. :) Here's the latest video:

The next major pre-alpha work will be adding lots more interesting creatures and groups of creatures to challenge players in battle. I think it would be great to include ideas from players in the alpha. Does anyone have any ideas around monster concepts, especially monster abilities and tactics? Here are some Tohm combat basics to inspire your creativity:

1. Combat is turn-based, where everyone decides his/her next move simultaneously, then all moves are played out in order of initiative.

2. Combat maneuvers (attacks, defenses, moving up the field, moving down the field) must take at least one full turn. For example, punching a monster takes a turn. Some "big" moves may take more than one turn, but combos are preferable (see #3).

3. Combos are a big part of Tohm. Both monsters and players may string-together average maneuvers to create powerful results, like advance + kick = jump kick, or punch x 3 = uppercut. Taking significant damage or being stunned/knocked down interrupts a combo in progress. Even magic can be modeled using combos, for example: channel earth + channel fire + punch = fireball.

4. Creatures can be scheduled to arrive late - for example, you might start with two zombies at round 1, then add two more at round 5, assuming the battle hasn't already ended by then.

5. It's OK for a battle to be too difficult to reasonably win, but at least escape should be doable. Escaping a bad situation (like being surrounded by powerful foes) is a challenge in itself, and will be part of the Tohm experience. Players flee the battle by advancing or retreating to either end of the battlefield, and are unable to move away from an opponent which damaged them with a melee attack in the previous round ("melee engagement" concept).

It's fine to borrow concepts from other games you've played and enjoyed - creepers from Minecraft, burrowers from Terraria, zombies from Left 4 Dead, hunter/pet combos from World of Warcraft, Zoras from Zelda? Absolutely all suggestions are appreciated! :)

You can read more about Tohm combat here:

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