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10 Oct 2015 01:02 - 10 Oct 2015 01:02 #1 by Centauri
InterMOO - MOO Network Global Chat was created by Centauri
Some may remember the days when we had a limited cross-MOO chat, between maybe 5 to 10 MOOs. Then the master node disappeared without a trace. The rest of us got stranded.

I have an answer! Because I have CenCores running and wished to have global chat available between all of them, I have a system very much like the original InterMOO, with a few important distinctions.

For chat consistency reasons, I have patched into xm, AKA the multi-communications channel feature which is used on lamdaMOO (but easily ported).

The InterMOO would still want to be a player on your system, and only if object passing was a part of it, would it need to be a programmer, other than for loading the initial verbs into its player, this could be set just long enough to set things up, then demoted, as chat after that is not a programmer function.

If there is still interest in MOOs having a global chat, please contact me and we can discuss the options.
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