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23 Dec 2015 10:45 #1 by Centauri
MOO Types was created by Centauri
I realize that everyone has their fave codebase, and given the time it takes to learn even one of them well, I totally get that.

That being said, this is a call out to other MOO coders, whether LamdaCore,HellMOO, JHCore or others. In this respect, MOO varies more by the objects, not the MOO coding itself. After 10 years and some 15,000 hours, I feel I know most aspects of MOO pretty darn well ;) - But a good programmer always seeks new answers and new ways, no matter how much they know.

I'd like to know if others are building multi-related objects that are chained in ways that are perhaps a bit un-common. My prime example is an older device (on my system) which is a nuclear facility core, complete with a liquid metallic primary loop to transfer the heat of the core to a boiler, which then drives the steam turbines. Within this system of some 4 devices, the heat of the core itself, and the transfer from the pri-loop, drives the steam temps, and therefore pressures, in the boiler, which drives the turbines, to make electricity.

I use this concept quite a bit in places, mostly because if any one part breaks down (on purpose in the code so the players have to go fix it) - the whole system essentially stops.

Its overly complex code to do something that could be simple, but for good reasons, it feeds into roles of players as repair-people, and gives them some troubleshooting to do.

One example of many, but I'd like to hear what others might have done on their systems, just to know the wide variety of what might be going on ;)

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