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17 Nov 2013 20:02 - 27 Mar 2014 17:06 #1 by plamzi
(API) ScrollView was created by plamzi
Creates a full-featured scroll window for incoming server data. Internally instantiates and uses the following objects: Socket, Colorize, MXP.

This module is invoked automatically by the app page core code unless the parameter 'nocore' is set to true, either in the URL (nocore=1), or using Config.nocore = 1.


titleSets the window title and the HTML title of the app page.
winProvides a reference to the Window object so that methods of the Window can be called. For example, Config.ScrollView.win.button([]) can be used to add custom buttons to the handle bar of the ScrollView.
echoOff()Forces local echo off, regardless of user preferences. This happens during conventional password input, for example.
echoOn()Forces local echo on (default).
echo(string)Echoes a string in a special color indicating that it's a "system message."
add(string)Adds any string to the ScrollView. This can be HTML.
cssA set of CSS properties to be applied as the default properties of the ScrollView window.


new ScrollView({
				css: {
					width: Config.width,
					height: Config.height,
					top: 80,
					left: 240,
					zIndex: 103
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