d20MUD: Star Wars

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d20MUD: Star Wars
d20MUD: Star Wars is a d20 & SAGA rules MUD reminiscent of the popular Star Wars RPGs, 'Knights of the Old Republic' by Bioware.  Our codebase focuses on the intricacies of the d20 and SAGA systems, with an open progression system that allows for huge character statistic and function variety.

With multi-classing, a respec system that allows you to redo your character build at any time, huge incentives for role players, and a pvp system wherein both winner and loser walk away with something to show for their battle, ours is a game that is simply without parallel in the MUD community.

Whether you are a huge role player, a pvp enthusiast, or someone who thrives on perfecting your character build in a system with hundreds of options, we have something for every Star Wars MUD fan.

The MUD is in continuing development, and possesses a small, but dedicated community.  Stop by and make a character today!


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  • rudeboyrave


    13 May 2016 at 01:54 |
    great admin and nice mud!


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