The Last Sunrise

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The Last Sunrise
The Last Sunrise is a Wheel of Time mud based off of the series by Robert Jordan. It is the world that we are set in for the role-play and the parameters set forth for the code. It is not necessary to have read the books to enjoy the world that has been created. If you like mudding then you will enjoy our mud. I’ll attempt to touch on some of the finer points of the game that we have to offer. 

Role Players – We offer experience points for role playing as well as quests and prizes for just role playing. 

Player Killers – We offer races for your taste such as a trolloc who is half man/half beast that craves the flesh of humans. Or a soulless - a human who gave his soul to the Dark One so he can move about unseen/undetected; the perfect assassin. 

Explorers – We offer a wide range of areas with hidden details and secret rooms and areas that will have you finding something new every day. 

We do not restrict you to a single class what abilities/skills you have is determined by how you the player create your character. This means you can be a jack of all trades or a specialist in different fields. With an extended leveling code you can continue to enhance your character beyond the normal range that other muds have to offer. There is only a single determining factor when building your character. Do you channel (use magic) or not? Each has their own perks and bonuses as the primary damage that a channeler does is through their ability to weave spells. 

Some of the special code that we have to offer is listed here. This is not all of it but just a few of the more choice selections. 
  • Map Code – I have not found a mud that has anything that compares to what we have accomplished with this code.
  • Texas Hold’em – We have all played this game now hook the fish and take his gold and quest points.
  • Portal Stones – Channies (Magic Users) have gate and portal now warriors can move about from one portal stone to another. You only have to figure out the three key combinations to your desired destination.
  • Auction Houses – With multiple skills that allow for real craftsmen to make armor, weapons, jewelry or other special items players can sell multiple goods.
  • Dream World – Almost a Carbon Copy of the world but with twists and quests and code and mobiles that bend the rules as any dream will.
  • Clans/Guilds – With over 10+ clan/guilds you can ensure interaction with other clan/guilds. If that interaction is friendly or unfriendly you and your mates decide.
  • Subguilds – Allows for even more range of political fun and treachery.
  • Tguilds – Allows for an even more in depth political intrigue and interaction.
  • Minion – Have followers and grow your minions amongst your fellow players.
  • Marriage Code – Have a private channel for you and that special someone else.
  • Spark Code – Allows a non-channeler (Non Magic User) to suddenly be able to channel. They still get to keep the perks of being a nonchanneler as well. Very powerful and every time you level you have a shot of being one of them.
  • Wolfkin Code – Instead of deciding to have a chance to spark you instead decide to have the chance to have golden eyes. This also gives you the enhanced ability to smell through disguises and masks. It also allows you to spot soulless as they try to creep up on you.
  • Myrddraal – Trollocs cannot choose to be a channeler so if they choose to have a chance to spark then they become Myrddraal’s. They lack eyes so cannot be blinded and have the ability to step into a shadow and emerge from another shadow anywhere else.
  • Bounty Code – Allows you to place a bounty on someone you can’t kill or who you want to pay for an offense or a slight.
  • Arena Code – Allows you to do mortal combat against a foe as a group or in single combat.

We have a wide range of skills and abilities. I will list a few of them and give you a brief summary of what they do.
  • Trap System – Multiple types of traps each with different affects and chances of success that you can determine and set up.
  • Range Combat – This can range from throwing weapons to grenades of black powder to using a bow and arrow. With over seven different types of arrow heads that have different affects when successful or unsuccessful. Down to the marks so the arrow is untraceable or personalize it so they know who just took a shot at them.
  • Masteries – Learn the different forms needed to become a blade master or a duelist. Each mastery has its own strength and weaknesses that allow for a wide range of styles.
  • Brew – A potion system that is unlike any other that I have seen on any other game. It is totally customized and makes for great commerce.
  • Jewelry making – Mine for the gems and ores yourself or buy/trade from someone else and customize your own pieces of equipment. This is by far a great way to customize your character and make it truly unique.
  • Gem Setting – Set gems into a piece of equipment to enhance them beyond the norm.
  • Forge – Forge a piece of armor or a weapon.
  • Disguise – Allows you to impersonate NPC’s great for thieves and assassins.
  • Riding – Allows you to move across an area quickly and easily a great piece of code. It also allows you to gain cavalry as well as flanking, charging and trample. Mounted combat is well thought out and solidly coded.
Channelers (Magic users) have a wide range of spells at their disposal. As it is in the books a channeler bases their abilities off of the five spheres fire, earth, water, air and spirit. These five spheres affect how strong your ability is to cast spells. I will list a few of the perks of being a channeler. 
  • Range Attacks – Weaves spells from a distance and try not to get blood on your cloths.
  • Mask – Take on the appearance of anyone.
  • Tornado – Grabs your opponent and brings them into the room with you from multiple rooms away.
  • Flash – Blinds everyone and everything in the room.
  • Weapon of Power – Create weapons from the five elements to protect or attack.
  • Cuendillar – Enhance your equipment and make it unbreakable in the process.
  • Enchant Armor – Better then the stock weaves that are out there.
  • Enchant Weapon – Better then the stock weaves that are out there.
  • Fireball – Hits an entire room from 6-rooms away.
  • Lightning Bolt – Hits everyone within 6 rooms in a single direction.
  • Hail Storm – Hits everyone in a 3-room radius.
  • Tsunami – Hits everyone in a 6-room radius.
  • Gateway – Allows you to open a gateway from the room you are in to another location on the mud.
  • Portal – Opens a one-way portal to any other location on the mud.
  • Burn Projectile – Attempts to stop arrows from assassins who try to kill you from a distance.
  • Group Slice – Attempts to stop another channeler from casting at you or your group.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as what The Last Sunrise has to offer as a free online mudding experience. We have been open for over 12 years and there is no slowing down in sight. Come and check us out you may have just found one of the best muds on the net.

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