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Aetolia, the Midnight Age is a world by the makers of Achaea, the world's #1 rated text MUD. After a reality-crushing battle between Sarapis, the Creator of Achaea, and a God from outside Creation, the new world, Aetolia, was created. Warped and twisted, player-vampires roam the land from their base in Bloodloch, attempting to dominate all who oppose them.

Aetolia has fully original coding and areas, and a combat system similar to Achaea's, which is to say enormously complicated, deep, and fun. "It's a rush." is the most common comment. There's intense roleplaying, dedicated admins, politics, economics, a massive world, and more. We sit on redundant T3 lines on the latest computer hardware, guaranteeing you an excellent playing experience.

Enter a world where men can be beasts, vampires prey upon mortals, and even simple reality may be mere lies. Complex PvP, mature roleplaying environment, intricate crafting and class system.
  • Stalk the night as one of the fearedĀ Vampires, siring an army of progeny in your bid to eradicate the Light!

  • Explore the twisting depths of dungeons, soaring heights of mountains, and all the lands between!

  • Lead one of the great cities of Sapience in the eternal struggle against the god-like Dreikathi!

  • Get lost in the eldritch mysteries woven through every aspect of life in the world of Aetolia!

Aetolia Vampire

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