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"You should have no problem finding some enjoyment from the well-crafted world of Achaea." -

"In terms of its content, it's definitely a 10" -

"Alive, filled with players and ongoing." -

Discover the rich world of Achaea and its endless possibilities! Vie for power and influence as a leader in one of dozens of player-run organisations. Compete for top rankings in combat, or become a learned scholar and teach the masses about Achaea's rich history. Delve into the complex economy, master a tradeskill or two, and amass a fortune in gold. Commission a ship and become a notorious pirate of the high seas. And much, much more!

Achaea is an extraordinary, original world of high fantasy, epic conflict, and exciting gameplay. Here your choices matter and ancient forces shift uneasily beneath the surface - all supported by a dedicated team who is committed to giving you an exciting, immersive experience.

Achaea boasts an incredible HTML5 client on our website, with stunning visuals beyond what any other MUDs are doing. Top-tier combat can be complex, but our server-side curing and easy to use HTML5 client makes jumping into the fray rather easy for the newcomer. Come visit us today!

  • 6 cities, 17 classes, 12 races, and a number of Houses and High Clans you may join. Will you become a great politician, leading your city and House, or will you be a great combatant, leading your army to storm the city of your enemies?

  • Become a Dragon at level 99, with a unique Dragoncraft skillset designed for excellent hunting and PvP utility. Gut your enemies with your massive talons, and summon a devastating breath-rain on those below you.

  • Ships! Sail the oceans in your own vessel, exploring distant islands and continents, trading precious commodities between harbours, or doing battle with pirates who demand your gold for safe passage.

  • Join a religious Order, and worship a God of the Pantheon, offering the corpses of your enemies to them for Their favour. Many players find interacting with the Divine to be a highly rewarding experience, and offers a roleplay experience unparalleled by anything out there.

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