The Final Challenge

Fantasy, PvP / PK, Roleplay, Complete List

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The Final Challenge

The cave is dark, shadows stretching across the stone floor like reaching fingers. Pine needles scatter the floor, tossed in by the ever present breeze that flows over these southern mountains. Faint traces of moonlight from outside are all that illuminate its single occupant. The warrior moans in his sleep, the evidence of uneasy dreams written clearly across his face. Crying out, he thrashes madly, warning in incoherent mumbles of the terror to come. On his guard even in sleep, his hand shifts to grasp his blade. The low hoot of an owl marks the hour of midnight. With a loud CRACK! a portal opens, and you are faced with the choice: Dare you enter this realm of dreams within the mind of the sleeper? Or will you flee this nightmare?

Live since 1994, The Final Challenge MUD has continued to grow and evolve with an active coding staff. TFC has unique opportunities for adventure, roleplaying and exploration. A God-Follower system, RP, PK, PVP and PVE, automated quests, multiple home cities for each of the eleven races, 8 classes including a custom Bard class and over 150 zones almost all of which you won't find anywhere else makes The Final Challenge a mud for experienced player and newcomer to muds alike.

Come and explore our website or our very extensive player run wiki, which includes biographies of Immortals and Players, maps, world and racial histories, help for new players and many many gameplay logs.

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