New Moon

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New Moon

New Moon is a world where epic tales of medieval fantasy are made. Everything you ever wanted from a MUD is here - rich location descriptions, interesting characters to meet, terrifying monsters to battle with, intriguing magic and mind-bending quests! New Moon's creative team have painstakingly created a realistic and engrossing medieval-fantasy environment for you to explore. Emphasis is on making a believable world with plenty of character development and interaction. New Moon features an original and innovative skills and training system, fabulous magic and spells and a myriad of special abilities including herbalism, boating, mining and metalcrafting.

We are a sociable, newbie-friendly MUD and you will find the players and staff welcoming and helpful. Roleplaying is highly encouraged. It can be a complex game, but it isn't daunting and we make it as easy as possible to get into your stride. Players can choose from 10 races and 11 guilds to join: 3 magical, 3 priestly, fighters, rangers, Chaos Knights, merchants and thieves. The game world is vast but not made that way by filling the world with spartan locations - there is attention to detail at every turn. It encompasses several cities (from western medieval to oriental in flavour), a myriad of towns and villages and many varied and intriguing wilderness locations. New Moon prides itself in its extensive range of quests and there are now well over 150 in the game, ranging from the newbie-friendly to the fiendishly mind-bending!

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