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The Final Challenge

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The Final Challenge

The cave is dark, shadows stretching across the stone floor like reaching fingers. Pine needles scatter the floor, tossed in by the ever present breeze that flows over these southern mountains. Faint traces of moonlight from outside are all that illuminate its single occupant. The warrior moans in his sleep, the evidence of uneasy dreams written clearly across his face. Crying out, he thrashes madly, warning in incoherent mumbles of the terror to come. On his guard even in sleep, his hand shifts to grasp his blade. The low hoot of an owl marks the hour of midnight. With a loud CRACK! a portal opens, and you are faced with the choice: Dare you enter this realm of dreams within the mind of the sleeper? Or will you flee this nightmare?

Live since 1994, The Final Challenge MUD has continued to grow and evolve with an active coding staff. TFC has unique opportunities for adventure, roleplaying and exploration. A God-Follower system, RP, PK, PVP and PVE, automated quests, multiple home cities for each of the eleven races, 8 classes including a custom Bard class and over 150 zones almost all of which you won't find anywhere else makes The Final Challenge a mud for experienced player and newcomer to muds alike.

Come and explore our website or our very extensive player run wiki, which includes biographies of Immortals and Players, maps, world and racial histories, help for new players and many many gameplay logs.

War of Legend

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War of Legend

After a few years in limbo, War of Legend is back, with one of the original immortals "Radyth" connecting the MUD is ready to rock! Are you?


Are you tired of the same old Godwars muds? Maybe you like them, but wish there were more classes to choose from. Perhaps you enjoy a place where you get to completely destroy your enemies. Does this describe you?

If so, welcome to War of Legend.

Here we offer a broad variety of classes, most of which are completely original and exclusive to this MUD. Those that aren't original have completely revamped skills and abilities. With 8 base classes, 22 subclasses, countless variations of each and hundreds of skills to choose from, you have the ability to customize your characters like nowhere else.

War of Legend does not play like a typical Godwars MUD. Statistics play a significant role in your success. Items are generated with the randomness similar to that in Diablo II. No two pieces of equipment obtained from creatures are ever exactly the same. There is also a set of unique items to purchase that will advance you to the highest levels of strength.

War of Legend offers a special system of forging to enhance and upgrade your weapons and armor as you see fit. With this system you can advance your equipment through six tiers of growth, each building on the previous tier. With socketable jewels that add special bonuses to all of your equipment you can become a serious force among your adversaries.

Gold is the currency here. With it, you have the means to purchase uniques and forge your equipment. You can purchase tattoos, which add a vast array of stats and enhancements to make you stronger. Materia are available, which is an item that grows as you grow, each with a different and substantially powerful affect.

You will journey through a progression of one hundred levels. At the end of that journey you will have an opportunity to achieve mastery of your class. With mastery you gain an item and ability unique to your class that sets you apart from your peers as well as puts a definitive stamp on that class. With each passing level you grow in strength, receive access to more skills, and develop more of a combat prowess.

Combat in War of Legend is dynamic and diverse. Skills and abilities exist that support ranged combat, stealth combat, damage over time spells, arena combat and countless other features. The more you fight and win, the stronger you can become.

So whether you prefer to shoot your enemies from a safe distance with a bow as a Sentinel, sneak up on them from the shadows as a Ninja, rip them to pieces as a Demon, lay down the wrath of your god as a Zealot, call upon the forces of death as one of the Undead, unleash the fury of your fangs and claws as a Werewolf, or annihilate them with the jumping skills of a Dragoon, come see if you have what it takes to fight in the War of Legend.


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More than a simple internet game, Waterdeep - City of Splendors has been a way of life for hundreds of people since its creation more than 17 years ago. Having never been shut down, Waterdeep maintains its unique and hugely modified RoT codebase, as well as its original ownership and distinctly "death metal" feel. With a devoutly dedicated staff and player base, Waterdeep is a MUD whose doors will be open as a home to new and old players alike for years to come. 
Waterdeep's story is largely based on a Forgotten Realms themed roleplaying atmosphere with a very open approach to personal and global roleplaying - meaning even a single player's roleplaying experience has a chance to change the MUD! In addition to our Forgotten Realms themes, there is a mix of Final Fantasy 6 & 7 steampunk seen throughout the world, with entire areas dedicated to the theme. However, while role-play is highly encouraged, it is not (nor will ever be) mandatory - your gameplay style is your own. 
While Waterdeep's code is based on RoT 1.4 and 1.5, it has been extensively modified over its long history and rebuilt into a world containing over 80 original areas with 55,000+ rooms. We still maintain a 2-tier/101 level reroll system and many of the old areas; however, significant changes have gone into the surrounding gameplay. We offer 23 unique races and 15 total classes - 7 basic classes for 1st tier and 8 advanced classes for 2nd tier. Along with this, Waterdeep is home to a slew of extracurricular activities including (but not limited to): 1 v 1 & Free-For-All Arena Matches with Leader Board, Organized Team Player-Killing Matches, Free-For-All world Player Killing with Leader Board, Leveler-Based and Hero-Based Equipment Runs, Questing for all levels, Area Quests, a unique Gambling System, Fully-Customizable Player Housing, Customizable and fully-functioning Airships with Air-Battle capabilities, Player-led Clans, and much much more. 
We welcome everybody to come give us a try; we have a very accommodating staff and player base, and all are willing to help new players get started. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail our immortal staff at wdmudimms@gmail.com. Additionally, to get the latest on MUD happenings or for general discussion, join our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/80108373552/. 
Lastly, you can find a lot of MUD information and even a starter guide at our Wiki here - http://wiki.waterdeep.info/ 

Here comes the soul collecting Train of Murder a-Comin'. It longs 
to take your putrid blackened soul away from you...

WaterdeepMUD, Entertaining Globally for nearly two decades.
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