Cayo Agua

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Cayo Agua

Cayo Agua is a Classic World of Darkness game set within the Florida keys. The theme is one of supernatural horror. Truly they are the lesser of two evils as they stand between mankind against creatures far worse than themselves. This consent based game consists of three cities each with its own troubles allowing for players to easily run their own stories which effects the game's world.

In all the various game lines we have made the decisions that all those who hold official positions on the main grid are NPCs. This allows players to focus on the group dynamics of Cabals, Coteries, & Packs. Of course any player seeking their own domain is free to carve out their own territory either in the wild or the nearby suburbs with the added thrill of watching it grow under their leadership.

Regardless of sphere getting a character is simple. Log in to the game and check out the news files and send staff your stats. Within 24 hours your character will be set up and ready for play. Character transfers are welcomed.

We currently support the following spheres:
  • Changeling the Dreaming
  • Humans: The Cannon Fodder
  • Vampire the Masquerade
  • Werewolf the Apocalypse
  • Mage the Awakening
  • Sub spheres: of Psychic and Sorcerer are available.

Features include:
  • Scheduled Plots
  • Intractable NPCs
  • Built-in map for easy travel

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