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Aarchon MUD

Aarchon boasts over 60 races to choose from, 19 of which are available upon creation. We offer 15 classes to choose from, ranging from streamlined fighters to hybrid rogue types. We offer over 90 unique zones to explore, totaling nearly 15,000 rooms.

We have an in-depth remort system consisting of a unique puzzle/quest/challenge for each remort. There are 8 remorts available at this time, with a total of 10 planned.

Some of our unique features include: A stance system, alchemy, crafting, tattoos, customizable equipment, elaborate questing system, achievement system, and more!

Our community is diverse, consisting of players from all over the world. We're exceptionally friendly and helpful -- you'll never feel like you're asking too many questions.

PKill comes in 3 different flavors (non-pk, pk, and hardcore). Roleplay is optional and appreciated, but not required.

Stop by, say hello, and join in on the fun.

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