7th Plane

Fantasy, Hack & Slash, Complete List

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7th Plane
The 7th Plane is a highly customized game, featuring a completely original world and mythos. The primary foci of the game are PvE and character building, with a heavy emphasis on crafting, but there are also options for PvP and RP. Some of the game’s more prominent features include: advanced NPC AI, physics based game mechanics, player configurable waypoints with path-finding algorithms, a creature dissection system, and over 100 different crafting resources.


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  • Travis


    06 April 2016 at 00:26 |
    This mud is my home. It is one of the most customized, well thought out, amazingly expansive games I've ever played. It can be an amazing cooperative experience, or can be battled out solo. With some exceedingly intricate crafting tables with varying resource tiers and types. Amazing NPC AI, no penalty for death or exploration... don't wait. Come try this game TODAY!


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