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FluxWorld is a Futuristic Space Port and City set some 300+ years in the future on a far away planet. Expect some alien artifacts to be laying around (if not some aliens themselves).

The FluxWorld SpacePort is just the beginning, and there are many areas just beyond that. Terrains include all the known types and weather.
There are areas that are accessible by ships on the rivers, as well as access by air and space. The space station in orbit as well as our two moons and other planets are some examples.

We have player and creature kill, bots that just converse, wearable clothing, mining, crafting, repairs to devices on the electrical grid and more.

There are puzzle areas, Quests, Rune Gathering, and some special RP areas.

The higher level social aspect involves the players directing what happens to some extent.

God Wars II

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God Wars II


A fast and furious PK mud, designed to test player skill in terms of pre-battle preparation and on-the-spot reflexes, as well as the ability to adapt quickly to new situations. Take on the role of a godlike supernatural being in a fight for supremacy.

Heroes of the Lance III

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Heroes of the Lance III

Heroes of the Lance 3 is a Dragonlance, Forgotten realms based mud with 100+ unique classes, skills, questing, heart thumping war and fusion/generation systems. You choose the skills according to how much your brain can hold, and the class will be assigned to you. 
The leveling system extends to 50, and upon there, you gain the ability to fusion/mate with another player and go on to the next generation (more powerful), being something you have never been before. This makes for endless replaying and customizing through a dynamic gene pool. Note: This is NOT remort. During fusion any of the other players limbs and/or genes can be transferred to you and vice versa, but be careful, genes can also be lost. 
Due to the unique fusion and skill system, no two players are ever 
the same. 
With the exception of standard weapon attacks, combat and spell casting time is not randomised, you employ full control of when you cast the next spell or strike the next hit through our action point system. 
Try us out to see it in action.


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After the Punic Wars in the third century BC, Rome had conquered most of the Iberian Peninsula and the Lusitanian army had been driven to the brink of defeat. After promising peace, Roman Consul Servius Sulpicius Galba betrayed the Lusitanians and killed many of them in a bloody massacre. Among the few who escaped was their leader, Viriathus. Viriathus organized a resistance force and drove the Romans back to regain control of the peninsula. Lusitan was overjoyed. From humble origins and often called barbarians, they had held their own against the Roman legions.



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"As far as story-driven RPGs are concerned though, Imperian is one of the best I've seen" - OnRPG staff review

The three moons of Aetherius, constantly shifting and changing the planet beneath them. Their shifting influence and unpredictable influence over the land has brought new life, change and terror to the land. Magick washes across Imperian in waves, new races and mortal powers have been born, and demons walk the earth. Only the quick witted and strong will survive.

  • Intense PVP Combat - With intricate skills and extensive combat coding, Imperian without a doubt features some of the most exciting and realistic player-vs-player battles that can be found anywhere!

  • Involved Roleplay - Immerse yourself in vibrant roleplay! From religion to relationships, politics to revenge and all facets in-between, Imperian boasts a hardcore RP atmosphere.

  • Elaborate Guild Skills - Each guild in the game has a unique approach to both NPC and PC combat and interaction skills. From the fearsome yet beautiful grove skills of the Arboreal, to the mysterious Vodun and Curses of the Wytchen, there is a guild and a bevy of skills for every taste.

  • Innovative Races - From the feral Lycean to the armored Akrabi, the eloquent Sidhe to the graceful Lamira , Imperian features an array of original races to choose from. Each race additionally offers racial-only skills and distinctive roleplay opportunities.

  • Immense Original World - With a team of full-time builders, the world of Aetherieus is ever expanding with distinctive areas rich in detail. There are numerous places to explore and creatures to interact with.

  • Challenging Quests - The massive realm of Aetherius boasts enough quests to keep you occupied for a long time, not to mention the impromptu quests that are initiated by the realms Deities and Celani.

  • Dynamic Economy - Make your fortune by peddling your wares to friends, place an ad selling your skills or even open your own store!

  • Player-Built Housing - Imperian gives players the chance to design and build their very own houses.

  • Newcomer Friendly - Imperian features a short opening area, Ancient Caanae, which smoothly introduces novice and experienced mudders alike to the game. There are also extensive help files, a novice channel and novice Guides to aid if needed.

  • Large Playerbase - A large, dedicated playerbase ensures that there is always something happening, and always someone to interact with no matter what you seek.

  • Dedicated Support Staff - Imperian features a dedicated staff that will quickly address both in-game and out-of-game issues.


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Imperium Dev Website

Imperium is a game of intergalactic exploration, warfare, and economics. Imperium has no set goal, and fairly flexible rules about what you can do, thus, while a single player could run their own game just for the fun of exploration, they would be missing out on most of the aspects of the game with no one to compete against.
The general layout of the Imperium "universe" is a rectangular array of "galactic" sectors. Each galactic sector contains a 10x10 array of "sub" sectors. A galactic sector can be "normal", a black hole, or a supernova.
A supernova will immediately destroy anything that moves into it. A black hole may do this, but you will have to find out for yourself. Within a galactic sector are found planets and stars. Moving a ship through a star will also destroy it. The universe is "flat", that is, the edges do not wrap around and you can not move past the edges.
In order to try and maintain some degree of realism for the amount of time it takes to accomplish certain things in the "real" world, and to prevent an experienced player from being able to attack another player all day, Imperium has several types of "counters". Each player has a "BTU"(Bureaucracy Time Unit) counter of their own, which is replenished at the same rate as every other player. This assures that you can only execute certain commands a certain number of times in a given period of time, and allows more powerful commands to be weighted against commands that do little or nothing.
Planets also have their own BTU counters, and certain other commands (such as load, unload, etc.) require a certain amount of both player BTU's and planetary BTU's (PBTUs). These help to assure that one particular planet does not do more than would really be possible in a given period of time. Planets can only have half the BTUs that a player may have.
Imperium has been in development since 1994 off and on, first developed for the Amiga. Designed for the systems of the 90's, it is very efficient and can easily support dozens of players at the same time with almost no system load.
The Imperium core game is completely open source/GPL'd and can be found on GitHub. The clients/frontends have various other licenses but are still open source.

JellyBean III

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JellyBean III
Warning: this is an adults-only game. If you are under 18, or likely to be offended by sexual material, please disconnect now. The staff of this MUD do not condone exposure of underage persons to pornographic material, whether graphical or textual. By connecting to this MUD, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions, which plainly state "nobody under 18 is allowed". Heavily modified Smaug mud. Removed all death traps, Houses for players, A nurse that will retrieve you corpse, furniture code. Auto-questing and loads of original areas.


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Built upon the remains of the classic games Myrradel and Alhazi Invasion, a new land called Kallindor rises from their ashes.

We offer an environment ripe for adventure with over 100 original areas, 18 races, 5 base classes, and an additional 16 subclasses (chosen at level 30 of 60) to choose from with literally hundreds of new and unique skills and spells.

With clans, pkilling, pstealing, and a full meta system that will be expanding soon in many ways, you can expect to find a lot to do and many ways for you and your friends to improve yourselves and keep things interesting.

Our environment is best suited for players who enjoy a fun environment of hack’n’slash combat and vast character improvement through meta and original areas with unique boss fights and interesting equipment upgrades.

Class paths:


  • Archmage
  • Sorcerer
  • Necromancer


  • Avatar
  • Druid
  • Herald


  • Berserker
  • Knight
  • Paladin


  • Assasin
  • Ranger
  • Ruiner
  • Thief


  • Shaolin
  • Mystic
  • Shadow Sun Clan


Lands of Oneiro

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Lands of Oneiro
Lands of Oneiro will be a free-to-play Multi-User Dungeon game set in a unique high fantasy universe. One of the greatest hopes that I have for Lands of Oneiro is that the world that will be one worth exploring and the stories will be fun to experience. With the date for the first alpha test approaching, I want to have ready a minimum viable product to play around with. This will be a brief test of the game design concept overall. The goal is to gain useful feedback – from both the game engine and the play-testers. I can't wait to share the beginning of the adventure! Features: * Game code is based off Dawn 1.69s_beta5. * No need for character approval from the game staff. Play and level up immediately! * Roleplay is encouraged but not required. * LoO is a PK-Free MUD. Game code prevents all player killing and stealing from players. * No permanent death. Return to life in your home city with your equipment nearby. * Simple character creation and passive tutorials get you into the game quickly Alpha testing is expected to cover the following gameplay: * passive, class-specific tutorial * rewritten and organized Helpfile System * Dusk Elf Mage Storyline - Chapter One If you're interested in following the project, my dev blog is here: Connection Information:

Legends of the Jedi

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Legends of the Jedi

Legends of the Jedi is an RP enforced Star Wars mud based on a highly modified version of the SWR codebase. Lotj has been around since 1999 and has dominated as the #1 ranked Star Wars mud for at least the last several years. Lotj is the ultimate, text based, sand box style environment for Star Wars and Sci-Fi fans alike.

We support a wide variety of classes. Whether you want to be a cutthroat businessman who peddles stolen merchandise on the black market as a smuggler, or an upstanding engineer who enjoys crafting and experimenting with different components to make the best equipment and dominate the business arena.

Want to be a soldier or a bounty hunter? Both of these classes are supported in the game and provide a variety of skills for those who want to serve their government honorably or chase down anyone with a price on their head, with little care as to why. Maybe you just want to be someone's bodyguard or an enforcer for someone's nefarious crime clan. The choice is yours.

Pilots exist in a variety of functions. You can run cargo from planet to planet to turn a profit or lead an entire battle group of cruisers to wage war on an enemy clan. Some pilots even choose to be pirates and pry on weary travelers and cargo runners. Others might enjoy exploration and finding hidden sectors that contain mysterious planets or space stations that don't show up in the public database.

Slicing and Espionage, two different classes, are both well versed in information gathering and spying. Whether it's planting mics on other players, tapping comm terminals to listen in on comlink traffic, or simply planting cameras around a planet and watching who comes and goes.

All classes have a role and each race gets a different level bonus towards different classes, which creates a lot of diversity among characters for what skill combinations a particular character might have. 

Classes are fun, but player interaction is the real charm of Lotj. Socializing and role playing with other players is where the drama unfolds and is the life force that has kept the game thriving over the last 15 years. Every class benefits from knowing someone with a different skill set, which encourages interaction and teamwork. Soldiers need blasters and engineers need someone to protect them. Information is a currency of its own and spies have it in ample supply, which they can trade for credits or favors.

If you're feeling adventurous, check us out. We also have an ongoing community project for developing a customized version of MUSHclient for Legends of the Jedi that includes chat mini windows, a built in star map that shows planet locations, and a room mapper to make sure you always know where you are going!

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