The Spirit of the Four Guardians

27 Apr 2019 16:41 #1 by Ateraan

Over a year ago the Epic Event of the Fall of the Four Guardians occurred on Ateraan resulting in a massive destruction and as part of that a reset of the game and player wipe. See the following thread for details:

Now, over a year later the follow on story continues as the Enemy returns to Ateraan to continue its destructive path. This multi week event has begun and several great roleplay storylines and invasions have happened. Most recently was a visit by the Warlock from the destroyed planet of Teciann. Over 50 players attended this excited event where lore was added and more insight given about the Enemy and the Guardians. More about the first visit of the Warlock can be found here:

Join the hundreds of players on Ateraan now to be part of this exciting ongoing event!

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